Cracking Art Group’s Big Red Snails Pop Up Around NYC!

Young girl poses next to one of the big red snails in columbus circle

Have you seen the four fat snails that recently appeared in Columbus Circle? They weren't there when I visited the Holiday Market on opening day, but then BLAMMO (or whatever sound these slimy, sluggish creatures make): huge plastic red snails, for no reason in particular.

Following a tip from my friends at CollabCubed, I cruised through the Circle last week to see the molluscs for myself, the latest addition to what has seemingly become a hot spot for public art.

Close-up image of the Cracking Art Group's REgeneration installation in NYC

Cracking Art Group's REgeneration Project

Created by the Italian collective Cracking Art Group, these Columbus Circle red snails are just a small part of their global REgeneration Art Project, in which recycled plastics, obtained directly from landfills, are used to make all sorts of creatures (meerkats, wolves, frogs, penguins), usually very much oversized, always in bright colors. Unsurprisingly, the snails in Columbus Circle were attracting plenty of attention from passersby when I was there, and even on a bitterly cold evening almost everyone stopped to take pictures… or, at last, to slow down a little and smile at the delightful absurdity of the situation. 

Two big red snails in front of the lit up Christmas lights and NYC buildings

Red Snails Popping Up All Over NYC

The Cracking Art Group's snails are popping up in other spots around town as well! There are rumors that Mario Batali's Flatiron Italian food-festival Eataly is hosting a couple, and photographic evidence seems to indicate there's at least a couple in DUMBO as well. And lower-Central Park frequenters might have seen a few in Rumsey Field earlier this fall. 

Outside of Trump tower a young girl poses next to one of the red snails popping up all over NYC

More Information: Big Red Snails in Columbus Circle

The Cracking Group's big red snails will be in Columbus Circle through January 6. If you can read Italian, visit the Cracking Group's website!

Go find these fun, whimsical creatures, take a photo and tweet it to us @GlenwoodNYC. Let's see who can have the most fun with a snail!

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