Corsino Cantina NYC: Italian Small Plates in the Meatpacking District



Corsino Cantina NYC, specializing in Italian small plates, opened last October on the border between the elegant coziness of the West Village and the glitzy narcissism of the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. It is the latest attempt by Joe and Jason Denton, rulers of the 'ino and 'inoteca mini-empire, to bring, in Jason's words, "a fun energy and a modest price point" to a stretch of Manhattan that needed both. By any measure, they have succeeded.    


Corsino Cantina NYC buzzes long into the night, as both locals and out-on-the-towners turn the place into a party. Score a table anywhere here in this largish, lively, and handsome room and you'll find food that is prepared with as much care as the cocktails, without tearing through your weekly entertainment budget in one night. We stopped by early in the evening this week to sample a few dishes from a few areas of the well-curated menu. And while there's nothing approaching extraordinary here, everything we've ever had at Corsino Cantina NYC has been dependably tasty and satisfying. 


Take the crostini. Or, heck, take a bunch for the table: they're only $2.50 each, the bread is a winner–crunchy at the edge, chewy in the middle–and they come with appealing variety of toppings. The earthy, lemony Chicken Liver is probably our favorite dish at Corsino Cantina NYC in this section, with the rich and creamy Ricotta, drizzled with orange honey, a close second. Also good: the Guaciale, the Brussels Sprouts and Pecorino, the Mushroom and Tallegio. 


The antipasti selections at Corsino Cantina NYC won't surprise anyone who's ever been to 'inoteca, but it does have the best thing we've tried so far, a crunchy, gooey, salty, creamy Parmigiano Risotto Croquette, paired nicely with some vinegary arugula. The least successful dish was the Tuna and Sweetbreads Spiedini, with capers, fried anchovy and a lemony, mayonaisey sauce, from the larger-plates Carne e Pesce section of the menu. Though by no means a disaster, this was only OK, the sweetbreads a victim of too much breading, the tuna nothing special. But for an "entree" priced comfortably in the mid-teens, we're definitely not complaining.  


Corsino Cantina NYC Details 

Corsino Cantina NYC is located on the corner of Hudson and Horatio Streets, is open on weekdays from noon until 2:00 a.m., and serves brunch on the weekend starting at 10:00 a.m. For more information and a look at the menu, please visit the Corsino Cantina NYC website. 



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