Christopher Boffoli Photography: Edible Words at Winston Wachter Fine Art

Boffoli's people on a pumpkin at the exhibition at Winston Wachter Fine Art in Chelsea.

Ok, so this is just a fun idea, cleverly and, with their vibrant color schemes and soft focus, beautifully executed. Christopher Boffoli's new exhibition at Winston Wachter Fine Art in Chelsea is titled Edible Worlds, and the concept is simple: put tiny people on top of common fruits, veggies, baked goods, whatever, go in close with your camera, and take a picture. But, really, what makes Christopher Boffoli's Edible Worlds much more than simply a skillful exercise in macro-photography are the hilariously banal narratives he's set up within each world. These are ordinary people doing ordinary things. Except that they're minuscule. And living on huge pieces of food. 

Tiny person on a hot dog by Boffoli at the exhibition at Winston Wachter Fine Art in NYC.

Edible Words: Christopher Boffoli Photography

Anyway, we went to see the Christopher Boffoli's Edible Worlds exhibition at Chelsea's Winston Wachter gallery (it's on 25th Street), and smiled and chuckled our way through these 30 or so pieces. The photographs themselves are all pretty delightful, but it's Christopher Boffoli's deadpan captions which'll really make you happy. For the melon photograph up top, for example, Boffoli writes: "William just did not understand that his friends were less interested than he was in discussing his medical issues." And for the hot dog guy, above: "Gary always uses too much mustard but no one can say anything. It’s a union thing." And for the folks lounging on the pickle, below? "Everyone just wanted to relax. But after Deborah got a few beers in her she just wouldn't stop talking." And for the people near the cookies, at bottom…. well, you'll just have to go the show to find out. 

Christopher Boffoli Photography of tiny people on pickle slices at Winston Wachter Fine Art.

Combine your trip to Christopher Boffoli Photography's Edible Worlds with some real-life tasty treats at the new High Line "food court" just a few blocks away (or with an amazing Rocket Pig sandwich), and you've got yourself an easy, exceedingly pleasant summer adventure. And if you like Christopher Boffoli's Winston Wachter Fine Art show, you might also want to check out the Little People street installations of the great Slinkachu (click on either "site" or "blog"; they both have lots of great stuff), or, for a gloomier take on the same idea, Isaac Cordial's Cement Eclipses

Tiny people with food at Christopher Boffoli Photography's Edible Worlds in Manhattan.

Christopher Boffoli: Edible Worlds at Winston Wachter Fine Art Details  

Christopher Boffoli: Edible Worlds will be at the Winston Wachter Chelsea gallery through August 24th. Winston Wachter is located on 25th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues and is open in the summer on Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., closed weekends. For more pictures and information about Christopher Boffoli photography, please see the Winston Wachter website, here

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