Celebrating National Brownie Day In NYC

National Brownie Day is on December 8th and we’ve found some of the best spots to indulge at for the occasion! Enjoy a brownie at one of these three delicious places in NYC.

Fat Witch Bakery

For New York City’s most legendary brownie, look no further than Fat Witch Bakery. Located in Chelsea Market on the Westside, this delicious bakery specializes in brownies and has all different kinds. Fudgy squares come in Blondie, walnut, caramel, java, double chocolate, and Emerald City (think: mint chocolate chip), just to name a few! What makes them super special and addictive is the butteriness…they have the texture of just-out-of-the-oven homemade brownies that your grandma used to make! Stop into the store to treat yourself to one of their decadent goodies. Or, if there’ss someone you know who would appreciate a tasty pick-me-up outside of the city, they have several great options for gift baskets, ranging from holiday themes to a basket for a student who may be cramming for exams and needs a little something special to raise their blood sugar! Glenwood residents living at Emerald Green and Crystal Green will love the ease of getting here!

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Amy’s Bread

Don’t let the “bread” in the name fool you. Along with fresh, homemade baked bread and goodies, Amy’s Bread has some of the most beloved brownies in the city. What you’ll find here is brownies with a truly riveting texture. They throw in a handful of walnuts and chocolate chips into the batter, adding a fabulous little crunch to each bite. And don’t stress if you’re allergic to nuts, they also do a walnut free version. You can find locations of Amy’s Bread on the Westside, Downtown, and even an Upper East Side outpost located inside the Museum of the City of New York. Perfect no matter which Glenwood neighborhood you call home!

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Located Downtown, Dominique Ansel Kitchen has a bit of a cult following not just around NYC, but, it’s safe to say, around the world. This is the spot that had a line wrapped (several) times around the block a few years ago for the legendary cronut (a hybrid between a croissant and a donut), and then did it again with the chocolate chip cookie and milk shots. So as you’d imagine, their version of the traditional brownie is pretty magnificent, and stands alone in its uniqueness. The brownie is both fudgy and cakey, and is swaddled in cedar paper, tied with twine and torched to give it a campfire taste when served warm. Oh, and it’s topped with sage leaves, to bring the earthy element into the sweetness. In other words, it’s pretty much perfection.

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How To Celebrate

In addition to stopping by one of the three best spots for brownies in the city, here’s a few other genius ways you can celebrate this yummy day:

  • Call up a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time and invite them on a brownie and coffee date with you! It will be a fun way to catch up together, and maybe it will even become an annual tradition between the two of you!
  • Have a brownie baking party. This works out great since it happens to fall around the holidays, so after you bake loads and loads of delicious brownies, package them up cutely and deliver them to everyone you know who deserves a little something sweet. Your doorman, your hairdresser, your children’s teachers, your secretary…the list goes on!
  • Have a family member who lives far away? Call up a local bakery in their town and have them deliver a plate of brownies…what a delightful surprise, indeed!

How do you plan on celebrating National Brownie Day? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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