Bryant Park Movies: Outdoor Film Fun Starts THIS WEEKEND


Men and woman ice skating on the pond while movies at Bryant Park play in the background

Our by-now favorite New York City ice skating rink, the pretty (and free! sort of…*) Citi Pond at Bryant Park is still open for another month or so, until February 27, so if you haven't gone gliding around the oval yet–the towers of midtown creating a cozy, canyon-esque feel to the proceedings; the grand, columned rear facade of the New York Public Library keeping things classy; plenty of warming snacks and beverages to be had at all times–well, don't wait until it's too late. Ice skating in Bryant Park has become one of the great NYC winter experiences, and is well worth a trip.   

Screen shot of 6 penguins in the artic from the film Happy Feet - scheduled to play at Bryant Parks movie theater

And now the Bryant Park event planners have made the space even more enticing with the launching of the first-annual Winter Film Festival, beginning THIS SATURDAY, January 22, at 5:00, with the ridiculously popular, irresistibly adorable Happy Feet. The animated musical about tap-dancing penguins–starring Mumble, born without a Heartsong, exiled from Emperor Land, miserable and lonely, who eventually discovers (and helps everyone else see) the joys of his "hippity-hoppity" ways–will be showing on a big screen near the fountain at the western end of the park, and the movie at Bryant Park can be seen and heard while skating, or bundled up in the chairs on the terrace, or from the outdoor (semi-heated) lounge area at the bar/restaurant Celsius.

Excerpt from the film Blades of Glory showing one blonde and one brown haired man in unitards skating together - featured at Bryant Park

After Happy Feet this Saturday, the Bryant Park Winter Film Festival will move to Mondays, at 6:30, "snow or shine", for four consecutive weeks. The ice-themed line-up: March of the Penguins on the 24th, Ice Age on the 31st, Blades of Glory on February 7, and, finally, Cutting Edge on Valentine's Day, February 14. All movies at the Bryant Park Winter Film Festival are free, and will be shown on a new digital projection system for maximum resolution, on a 900-square-foot screen. 

Ice skaters on the pond set in front of NYC skyscrapers at Bryant Parks ice skating rink

Movies at Bryant Park's Winter Film Festival and Ice Skating at the Citi Pond Details 

All Bryant Park movies are free, starting with Happy Feet this Saturday, January 22, at 5:00, then on four consecutive Mondays at 6:30. Skating is also free, but the extras can add up in a hurry. *Rental ice skates are now $13. Bag check (required) is $10 for anything "large". And don't forget to bring your own lock for a shoe-sized locker, or you'll wind up buying one for $9. For more information about all of the above, please see the Bryant Park website

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