Brooklyn Academy of Music Can Boast Cafe Habana Outpost & The Smoke Joint

Crowds fill up the outdoor benches and tables at Cafe Habana Outpost  near Brooklyn Academy of Music.

If you're heading out to the Brooklyn Academy of Music anytime soon, or, say, sometime this fall for their just-announced 30th-annual Next Wave Festival, you're going to want to eat something while you're there, either before or after the show. And, sure, there are more and more good casual restaurants in the immediate area, so these days you could probably just stroll around and pick a spot close by on Fulton Street, or Lafayette Street. But if you're looking for something fast, casual, and guaranteed-good-tasting, try either of our BAM-night-out go-to spots: the Cuban fiesta at Cafe Habana Outpost, or the down-home barbecue at The Smoke Joint.  

Cubano pork sandwich at Cafe Habana Outpost Brooklyn.

BAM Nearby Makes Habana Outpost Brooklyn Next Wave Festival Must-Have Meal

Let's start with Cafe Habana Outpost, which on a pleasant evening is one of our favorite quick-bite restaurants in all of the Borough of Kings. Located about five blocks away from BAM on Fulton Street, Habana Outpost serves terrific Cuban street food at reasonable prices in a lively, mostly-outdoor setting. At every table you'll see people eating Habana's famous Grilled Corn, and you should by all means join them: served "Mexican-style" with chili powder, lime and a generous dusting of salty cotija cheese, this is one of the city's great sides. Cafe Habana's exclusive "Roscoe on a Stick"–the classic chicken-n-waffles combo, in handy lollipop form–is more gimmicky than anything else (and sweet enough to be dessert), but it's still pretty good. The best thing at Cafe Habana NYC, however, is the Cubano sandwich, a piggy, juicy delight made the traditional way with ham, roast pork, swiss, and pickles. Pour on your choice of hot sauce, and dig in. And if you're not worried about falling asleep during the show, have a frozen drink or three. 

Cafe Habana Outpost roasted corn.

Storefront of The Smoke Joint restaurant in Brooklyn.

The Smoke Joint Makes Perfect Pairing With BAM NYC Next Wave Festival

Our other suggestion is similarly fun, cheap and lively, The Smoke Joint, located about two blocks closer to BAM Brooklyn and the purveyor of decent barbecue in many formats. We've tried most everything here over the past couple of years, and it's all pretty good and definitely always satisfying, but of particular note is the Pulled Pork Sandwich (pile on the accompanying slaw and pickles); the smoky, meaty Barbecue Beans; the Brooklyn Wings (spicy, please); and the St Louis ribs, a half-rack of which, plus a side or two, will fill you up fine. The Smoke Joint is a comfortable, friendly place that sits right on the newish pedestrian plaza, adding to an overall air of conviviality and community. 

Half-rack St Louis ribs at The Smoke Joint near Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Details on The Smoke Joint and Cafe Habana Outpost Brooklyn

Habana Outpost Brooklyn is located on the corner of Fulton and South Portland Streets, and is open seven days a week from 12:00 nooon to 12:00 midnight. CASH ONLY, by the way, so unless you want to pay an ATM feee (there's one right inside), bring money. For more information, including a look at Habana Outpost menu, please see the restaurant's website, here. Note: extremely family-friendly, if you're in Fort Greene with children in tow. 

The Smoke Joint is located on South Elliot Place, right near the triangle where Fulton and Lafayette Street intersect, and is open Sunday through Thursday from 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday from 11:00 until 11:00. For more information and a peak at the full Smoke Joint menu, please click here.   

Habana Outpost Brooklyn building on the corner of Fulton and South Portland Streets.

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