Birdbath Bakery; City Bakery’s superb spin-off on the Upper West Side!

Baker at the Birdbath Bakery on New York's Upper West Side stands behind a counter full of baked goods

Upper West Side Glenwood residents, your life just got a whole lot sweeter and more pretzel-croissant-ier. City Bakery founder Maury Rubin is opening one of his excellent Birdbaths, you know those small "neighborhood green bakery" satellites at Columbus and 84th Street.

The Upper West Side is already flush with baked goodies from Levain, Momofuku Milk Bar, Grandaisy, Magnolia and even the popular chocolatiere Jacques Torres! Now, fans of Birdbath can get several of the bakeries most popular items in their own neighborhood.

If you've ever had the awesome pleasure of a City Bakery chocolate chip cookie or one of their oatmeal raisin cookies or their a Pretzel Croissant then, you know why we're so excited about this. 

One of NYC's Best Bakeries

Close up of a fresh baked scone at Birdbath Bakery on New York's Upper West Side on Columbus Avenue

The Birdbath Bakery Back Story

In 1990 Maury Rubin, a TV Sports Producer turned Master Baker, opened the now iconic City Bakery near Union Square. He's since delighted the masses with baked goods, his salad bar (which we think is the best in town), and his insanely rich and dense hot chocolate ( served with or without a giant homemade marshmallow).

In 2005 Rubin created Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakeries. Each one is designed and constructed using only recycled and repurposed materials, is wine powered and gets supplies from their Union Square City Bakery main kitchen via bicycle rickshaw. The first two Birdbaths were in the East Village, then Tribeca, then SoHo, in the lobby of the New Museum, and now, on the Upper West Side. 

View from inside the Birdbath Bakery on New York's Upper West Side on Columbus Ave

City Bakery Treats for Every Neighborhood

We went to the new Upper West Side Birdbath Bakery last week and had a sweet-treat feast that included our two favorite cookies, the Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin, (perennial contenders for best cookie in NYC) as well as a couple of items we've never tried before. We had a thick, gooey, nutty Rugelach, (crazy good) and a Maple Bacon Scone which was chewy and caramelized on the outside while being dense and moist within. All fantastic stuff to try.

The Upper West Side Birdbath also has fantastic pre-packed grab-n-go salads, suppers from City Bakery and coffee but sadly no hot chocolate. Rubin is still figuring out how to transport it uptown while keeping it warm once there without sacrificing quality. He's working on it! 

Close up of a chocolate rugelach from Birdbath on NYC's Upper West Side on Columbus Avenue

Upper West Side Birdbath Bakery details

The new UWS Birdbath Bakery is located on Columbus Avenue just south of 85th Street at the former site of Down Quilts. For more information on all NYC Birdbaths a visit their website at the City  

NYC Birdbath bakery on the Upper West Side under to awning of the former Down Comforter store on Columbus Avenue

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