Five of the Best Home Design and Architecture Blogs

We spend waaaaaay too many hours on the internet each week poring over top design and architecture blogs, imagining what our home might look like if we had unlimited time, money, and energy, as well as a willingness to get rid of all the stuff we already own, and love. Anyway, here are a few of our most frequent stops, a five-pack of the best home design and architecture blog sites to entertain, delight and inspire.  


Homepage for dezeen top design and architecture magaine features unique interior spaces



Dezeen Design Magazine fulfills just about all of our sleek, high-end, contemporary design fantasies… and does it at least six times a day! This thoughtful, tasteful top architecture and design blog rarely features anything we can actually afford (especially, you know, the one-off designer showcase pieces… or the spectacular built-into-a-cliff houses!), but co-founders and -curators Marcus Fairs and Rupinder Bhogal have a terrific eye, a passion for the interesting and new, and, bonus, the design of and typography on the site itself are lovely, too. 


Swiss Miss homepage one of the bset design blogs showing a man reading the paper on a grey and white couch



Tina Roth Eisenberg is a Swiss-born, Brooklyn-based graphic designer who, in addition to her considerable presence in the NYC-and-beyond design world via, among other things, her Creative Mornings talks, also posts pics and links on her design blog Swissmiss, to whatever she admires, or makes her smile, or falls in love with on the internet. Clean and minimalist in her sensibilities, but also a sucker for the cute, Tina's frequent, infectiously enthusiastic posts include lots of home furnishings and home design ideas.  



Homepage of the design and architecture blog BB Links features 3 lamp post type lights


The Milwaukeean information architect Bridget, aka BB Links, is the curator of this "site of link-ity goodness", and it's an architecture and design blog which we've been visiting for years now. Like her pal Swissmiss, BB posts on anything and everything design-related that strikes her fancy–from furniture to websites to art installations to cards and stationary and posters and t-shirts and on and on–and most of the time, it strikes ours, too. 


A grid of images related to design and architecture featured on the home page of the Cool Hunting blog

The Cool Hunter

"Roaming the USA and the Globe, So You're In the Know," promises the crack trend-spotting team behind The Cool Hunter design blog. And though we're not sure how "in the know" we really need to be, we definitely do enjoy scrolling through all of the gorgeous homes, hotels, offices, bars and stores they're always posting about… not to mention the cutting-edge fashion, music, and tech-y gadgets they also seem to have time to discover.  


The Selby design and architecture blog featuring 3 images of jam packed bookshelves, a man and dog sitting on the ledge in the city and a man in his studio

The Selby 

The Selby is a bit of an odd duck–it's more magazine or tumblr than design or architecture blog, really–but we can't get enough of our host Todd Selby's tours of the often eccentric, usually lovely, always fascinating homes (and other personal spaces) of what he loosely but accurately defines as "creative individuals". Wandering from New York City to Los Angeles, to London, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo, The Selby is a unique celebration of smarts, substance, and style.    


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