BareBurger: Organic Bare Burger Meat Deliciously Joins the Upper East Side

Bear holding BareBurger welcome sign in front of the restaurant on Manhattan's UES.

BareBurger is a mini-chain worth rooting for. The newest outpost of this casual eatery opened recently on the Upper East Side, bringing the total number of BareBurgers in NYC up to an impressive eight, with a ninth soon to come in Queens. And from what we've witnessed so far (we've dined in three), food-wise, crowd-wise, fun-vibe-wise, BareBurger is going to have a nice run here in the big town. Which is good news for us, and, because virtually everything on the Bareburger menu is organic–the meats, the veggies, the dairy–it's good news for everyone else on the planet, too. Every little bit helps, with Upper East Side restaurants. 

Lean organic burger at Upper East Side BareBurger restaurant.

At a Burger Joint NYC is Embracing, Lean Organic Bare Burgers Let Toppings Shine 

The BareBurger menu is your standard burgers-fries-sides-salads-shakes deal, nothing that hasn't been seen a hundred times before, but with enough intriguing combinations to keep you on your toes. In the meat section alone you can choose organic, free-range beef (of course), and turkey (ditto), and bison (not TOO unusual), but also lamb, elk, and ostrich to build your New York burger. Combos include your standard bacon-jacks and jalapeno-bombs, as well as the Ruby (with, among other things, pastrami and fried bread-and-butter pickles) and the Mediterranean (topped with cucumber mint yogurt). There are straight-up vegetarian options here as well. 

Colorful chairs and tables inside BareBurger on 1st Avenue Upper East Side.

So how are the burgers at the Upper East BareBurger? We must admit, we're fans of fat, and the meat at BareBurger, by design, is almost all 90%- to 95% lean. That's not to say that a burger here isn't all juicy and filled with flavor–it is–but it's the toppings that wind up doing most of the work. The shakes aren't shy (peanut butter chocolate, anyone?), there are "cubby meals" for little ones, the staff is young and friendly, the music fun, and when they get the sidewalk table license (soon, fingers crossed), the Upper East Side BareBurger seems like it'll be a neighborhood go-to all summer long. 

Take a Bit of BareBurger: New to the Upper East Side

The Upper East BareBurger is located on the corner of First Avenue and 73rd Street, and is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., and Friday and Saturday until 12:00 midnight. For lots more information about other Bare Burger NYC locations, the company's commitment to all things organic, as well as a look at the complete BareBurger menu, please see the restaurant's website, here.    

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