Upper West Side Restaurants Sparking a Revival With Daniel Boulud’s Bar Boulud

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This uptown restaurant fills a void among Upper West Side restaurants. There was a time, not so long ago, when looking for Upper West Side restaurants near Lincoln Center meant either good but expensive (think Shun Lee Palace) or bad but expensive (think? well, we're feeling too polite to say). Leave it to Daniel Boulud to change all that.

Daniel Boulud's success extends beyond his uptown restaurants to all over the city. Recently re-awarded four stars by the New York Times for his legendary Daniel, Boulud has proven that even as he expands his culinary empire throughout the city (the newly opened DGBG is one of the hottest tables downtown), the country (Las Vegas, Miami) and the world (Beijing, anyone?), his restaurants, without exception, offer us exemplary service, buzzing scenes, terrific food. Take his casual Upper West Side wine bar/bistro Bar Boulud, directly across from Lincoln Center.
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Daniel Boulud's Specialties at Bar Boulud

At this Uptown bistro, you'll find excellent examples of classics like Coq au Vin (with plenty of bacon and mushrooms), Frisee Lyonnaise (complete with chicken liver) and Coquilles Saint-Jacques, the perfectly roasted diver sea scallops keeping company with always-welcome Brussels sprouts. The desserts, too, are all top-notch, though we highly recommend the lovely, sweet and hugely satisfying Ile Flottante, the "floating island" on a thick sea of vanilla cr?me anglaise. Dining at this uptown restaurant will leave you feeling it was a worthwhile experience.
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Uptown Restaurant That Gives You Bang for Every Buck

The real reason we keep coming back to this Upper West Side restaurant, is the extraordinary terrines, the pates, the saucissons, the boudins, the jambon, all part of a charcuterie program with a lineage the goes back to the French master Gilles Verot. Thanks to this uptown restuarant's overall gentle pricing and, especially, the exceptionally generous tasting platter, the Degustation de Charcuterie–?really, one of the great split-able starters or "bar snacks" in town?we've managed to sample (and savor) just about everything from this side of the menu. This uptown restaurant's favorites would include the meltingly soft Boudin Blanc, which comes with truffled mashed potatoes; Gilles Verot's award-winning (and rightfully so), Fromage de Tete, or head cheese; the Compote de Joue de Beouf, the rich, incredibly tender beef cheek shredded and topped with onion confit and pistachio; and the Tagine d'Agneau, a lively terrine of lamb, eggplant and sweet potato. Bar Boulud certainly leaves its mark among Upper West Side restaurants.

Uptown Bistro location – Bar Boulud

Bar Boulud is located on Broadway between 63rd and 64th Streets. Reservations are definitely recommended to secure individual tables during prime times, though the communal table and wine bar are just fine for a walk-in charcuterie snack or three. For more information and a complete menu, you can go here Uptown Bistro – Bar Boulud

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