Apartment Therapy’s Home Hacks 2010



New to our list of daily must-reads this month? The excellent Apartment Therapy's unsurprisingly-also-excellent Home Hacks 2010, Smart How Tos For Great Homes, a treasure trove of collective knowledge on making just about everything you can imagine wanting or needing to do your in home just a little bit easier. Shared via reader-submitted home hack tricks and home hack tips–and reader-submitted pleas for help are also answered by the site's crack staff of home DIY experts–and presented as a series of step-by-step, illustrated tutorials, Apartment Therapy's Home Hacks 2010 reaches across a wide range of subjects, from solutions to problems that have bugging us for years to stuff we never thought we wanted to know. Here's a quick look at just a brief sampling of Home Hacks from the last few days… but make sure you log in to Home Hacks on the daily for lots, and LOTS, more. 



 How To Hide Your Cords On the Cheap and Pretty 



How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets



How To Make a Pirate Ship Sandwich



How To Refinish a Butcher Block



How To Remove Scratches From a DVD With a Banana




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