Fall Gallery Season is Here: Start with Feliciano’s Sprouted at BOSI Contemporary!

Image of Andre Feliciano Sprouted exhibition which is a garden of blue and yellow flowers that look like little cameras

The fall gallery season is really kicking it into high gear, with openings galore every week in Chelsea, North Brooklyn, Midtown Manhattan, and the Upper East Side. Not to be outdone, the exploding gallery scene on the Lower East Side staged the "LES Opening Night" festival last Sunday, featuring a wild block party/fashion show on Orchard Street (getting in on the NYC Fashion Week fun) and simultaneous openings at over 40 neighborhood galleries.

My daughter and I had a great, if a bit overwhelming, time popping in and out of dozens of new exhibitions, but by far our favorite show was Andre Feliciano's awesome installation at BOSI Contemporary, Sprouted. I suggest you add it to your list of things to do this September!

Little girl who's taken a blue plastic toy-like camera from the Sprouted exhibition at BOSI Contemporary and is pretending to take a picture with it

An Art Gardener in The Photography Field

The Brazilian Feliciano, who calls himself an "art gardener working in the field of photography" has for a few years now been creating elaborate, fantastic greenhouses and gardens whose brightly-colored "flowers"–at BOSI there are more than 5,000 of them!–are actually made from rubbery, cameras. Because of their playful colors and synthetic, toy-like texture, Feliciano's gardens read at first glance as being very childlike. But although there's an undeniable whimsy and playfulness at work here, Feliciano has headier interests as well. With the relentless documentation of everything everywhere via camera phones, Instagrams, and digital snapshots, Feliciano wonders how this once-magical, now-commonplace technology is affecting how we all see the world. 

Image of all the different colors of camera flowers in the Sprouted garden, colored yellow, blue, red, and clear

Making The Statement: "Photography Is Everywhere"

“Usually when we think about photography we consider the innumerous ways that a camera can interact with the outside," says Feliciano. "As well, we think about the large use of photography in our everyday lives. Photography is everywhere. In this situation, we are so immersed that we can no longer distinguish how photography influences our way of living. This exhibition is a moment to celebrate and think about photography itself in a different way." And no matter what you think about that, you should know that Feliciano's Sprouted at BOSI Contemporary is just flat-out beautiful, and provides an excellent anchor for an afternoon of Orchard Street gallery going. 

Close up image of part of Feliciano's garden of camera flowers, colored red and orange

More Information: Feliciano's Sprouted at BOSI Contemporary

Andre Feliciano's Sprouted will be at BOSI Contemporary through October 6. The gallery is located on Orchard Street between Hester and Grand Streets, and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Note: Feliciano is also slated to have a new installation at the excellent Photoville Festival in Brooklyn Bridge Park (his "Greenhouse" is pictured below), which runs from September 19 to 29 and is all housed in shipping containers. 

Two children posing in front of the Feliciano's garden exhibition, with an assorted types of flowers in the shape of cameras

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