Dinner and a Movie NYC Guide: AMC Movie Theater on Broadway and 84th

Two women sitting on the plushy, red recliners in the AMC movie theater

When the six screen AMC 84th Street opened in the early 1980s it was the first suburban-style multiplex on the Upper West Side, and maybe one of the first in all of Manhattan. My teenage buddies and I loved it back then but, alas, the years were not kind to the theater: broken seats, shoddy projection, rowdy patrons, and grimy conditions all contributed to this once-shiny cinema being named, correctly, "NYC's Worst Movie Theater" by Gothamist last winter. Then something miraculous happened, and AMC 84th Street underwent a complete overhaul, reopening in July, and suddenly what was once the worst is now possibly the best! 

Image of the inside and the new luxurious, big red seating of the AMC Theater on 84th Street in NYC

The New Luxury Features at AMC

The spanking-new AMC 84th Street has lots of cool new features (including crazy self-serve soda machines than can dispense hundreds of combinations!), but here are the two best reasons to check it out:

  1. Plush, fully reclining seats.
  2. Reserved seating for every movie, every showtime.

Seriously, these seats are insane. They're wide and soft with fat armrests and a shocking amount of leg room. In fact, even when you're completely stretched out, legs fully extended, your fellow patrons still have room enough to schootch by on the way to bathroom. Oh, and the recliners are motorized, so you can find easily your exact most-comfortable position, though if you struggle with staying awake at the movies in general, I would suggest NOT laying out flat. It remains to be seen how well these comfy monsters hold up over time, but right now they are pretty spectacular. 

A woman deciding which soda she wants at AMC's new self-serve soda machine

Enjoy Your Movie In A Reserved-Only Recliner

And to make it even easier to enjoy your big red recliner, every seat at the AMC 84th Street is sold on a reserved-only basis. When you go to the kiosk in the lobby, or the ticket window, or order online, you choose your exact seat you want, as you would at a Broadway theater, say, or the opera. Now you can arrive moments before the movie starts–or, heck, even skip the trailers!–and slide right in to the best seat in the house. And even if you haven't planned ahead, and are showing up at the last minute, you can see exactly which seats are still available before deciding whether to buy tickets or not. Needless to say, in a city where you have to stand in line for everything, this is huge. Pair this deal with the Movie Pass and you are in movie going heaven!

A man and a women sitting in their reserved red recliners, waiting for the movie to start

More Information: AMC Luxury Theater

The AMC 84th Street 6 is located on Broadway between 83rd and 84th. For today's showtimes and to RESERVE YOUR HUGE RECLINING SEAT, see here. 

The outside view of the AMC theater on 84th street in NYC

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