Alison Knowles & Jessica Higgins Make a Salad at High Line Park NYC

Alison Knowles makes a huge salad at the High Line Trail in Manhattan.

Here's a potentially great way to spend your Sunday late morning/early afternoon, if you enjoy any of the following: eating salad, the High Line Park NYC, live music, communal events, watching someone make salad (ok, so that one's kind of esoteric), Mozart, performance art, people watching, spending time outdoors on a lovely Spring day (fingers crossed!), New York City, things you've never seen before. We say, yes, yes, and yes PLEASE, so we'll just get right to the details…  

Alison Knowles & Jessica Higgins toss the massive salad at the High Line Park's passageway.

Alison Knowles & Jessica Higgins Make a Salad

Starting at ten in the morning this Sunday, April 22–Earth Day, by the way–artist and Fluxus Movement co-founder Alison Knowles will re-create her classic 1962 performance piece, Make a Salad. Knowles and her daughter Jessica Higgins will spend about two hours preparing the salad–enough for 1,000 people!–on the upper level of NYC High Line Park's semi-enclosed passageway at 16th Street, chopping what must be a million pounds of vegetables to the beat of the live musical accompaniment provided by Joshua Selman, who, we understand, usually performs Mozart at this event. Then, at precisely 12:00 noon, Alison Knowles and company will toss the massive salad from the upper- to the lower-level of the space. The height's not as dramatic as when Knowles performed Make a Salad at London's Tate Modern in 2008 (pictured above), but still, it should be pretty cool to watch here on the High Line Park NYC.  

New Yorkers eating at the High Line Social Soup Experiment.

At 12:15, the massive meal begins, free to anyone who wants a nice bowl of delicious fresh vegetables. Of course it's the performance and communal spectacle of Alison Knowles's Make a Salad that makes this High Line event so appealing–we attended the High Line Social Soup Experiment last fall, pictured below, and it was a blast–but the actual salad itself sounds pretty delicious, too, with ingredients including locally-sourced escarole, romaine, frisée, carrots, cucumbers, onions, celery, and mushrooms. Free salad for 1,000 people! Live music! The High Line in spring! What a great city we live in. 

Make a Salad Alison Knowles at the High Line Park NYC Details   

Alison Knowles and daughter Jessica Higgins will perform her Make a Salad piece this Sunday, April 22, starting at 10:00 a.m, near the 16th Street entrance of the High Line. Make a Salad will be accompanied by live music from Joshua Selman. The performance is free, and free salad will be served to the first 1,000 or so people starting at 12:15. For more information please see the High Line website, here.   

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