92Y Tribeca: Newer, Hipper Than the Original

Entry of the 92nd Street YMCA on Hudson Street on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Four years ago, the 92nd Street YMCA, a great Upper East Side cultural center, shifted all of its Makor program's offerings for "twenty-somethings" to a sleek new outpost downtown, right on the northern edge of Tribeca. It was a risky move but since then, the 92Y Tribeca has thrived, offering the institution's trademark eclectic array of education and entertainment–music, movies, lectures, classes, performances, workshops, panels, etc–to families, young (and youngish) professionals and creative types, and, really, anyone who wants to do something different on most any given night.   

As a Party Space in NYC, 92Y Tribeca Delivers

One might not think of the 92nd Street Y Tribeca first when looking for a party space in NYC. Neither would we. But, we were surprised at how fun the place can be last week when we went to the 92Y Tribeca for their fun, and funny, Presidential Debate Watch 2012. The scene: five pundits with a comedic bent pre-gamed the debate, then we watched the proceedings along with a rowdy, beer-fueled, sold-out house. Sadly, the 92Y Tribeca said they will be not be hosting similar parties for the next three debates.  We were impressed anew by both the meeting space and the energy of the crowd. There are three different private party space options here that can be rented by the public: the main stage with flexible seating (either tabletop or rows of chairs, depending, as well as loungy banquettes to the sides) complete with a bar; a plush, 72-seat movie theater; and a lecture room for, well, everything else. There's also the comfy 92Y Tribeca Cafe up front, with an appealing, locavore-ish menu of sandwiches and salads and such. Plus: free Wi-Fi! The 92Y Tribeca really does make for an intriguing option if you are lookin for a party space rental in NYC.

The bar at the party space inside the 92nd St. YMCA in Tribeca, Manhattan.

So Many Events, So Hard to Choose!

On any given week the 92nd St. Y Tribeca events calender is packed with interesting stuff, so if you live at any of Glenwood's downtown buildings (or, really, any of our Westside residences as well; the 92y Tribeca is right near the A, C, and 1 trains' Canal Street stops) our suggestion would be to get on their mailing list, and go early and often. The BYOK (Bring Your Own Kid) weekend series is particularly popular, but we also like the sound of several of their Film Series (Cry-Alongs, Sing-Alongs, Not Coming To a Theater Near You, Beer-Goggles, etc.), the Cook's Tour of Chinatown, the Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy shenanigans, and, really, any number of their upcoming talks, tours, concerts, and classes. Worth looking into. 

The 92Y Tribeca Cafe at the 92nd Street YMCA.

92Y Tribeca Details 

The 92y Tribeca is located on Hudson Street just below Canal, within a few blocks of the Canal Street stops on the A, C, E, and 1 trains. For lots more information about everything, please see the 92Y Tribeca website, here.  

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