5 Easy Ways To Be Green In Your Apartment

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Today is Earth Day! Many of us have spent the past year realizing how important nature is to us. Walks in Central Park or looking at the Hudson River were great for reducing stress during this chaotic year. It is important to try to make changes to help benefit our Earth. Keep reading to find out 5 simple things you could do to help out!

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Carry A Reusable Cup

It is very easy to grab a plastic bottled water if you are on the go, but it is worth the effort to carry around a reusable bottle, mug or cup. Try this for a week! The first few days you will find yourself having to remember your cup but after that it becomes pretty effortlessly part of your daily routine!

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Unplug Your Chargers From The Wall

This small task is something I frequently forget! Yet, it is so simple and will help reduce the wasted electricity! When you are done charging your computer, phone or any other device, simply pull the charger from the wall. If you are looking for easy ways to help the environment, start here!

Image of a plant in the corner of an apartment

Plant Plants!

Having plants in your home is a great springtime activity! Picking out what flower or plant is right for you is fun and brightens your space. It also reduces carbon dioxide and provides oxygen- so why not! If you are not sure what plant is for you- we wrote a previous post on good plants for apartment living, be sure to check it out!

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Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Some great brand’s to check out are:

Branch Basics

Blue Land

Common Good


Honest Company

Eliminate Single Use Items

Sit down and try to make a list of single use items you use weekly. Straws? Shopping bags? Then, find great alternatives to these single use items. I prefer metal straws to paper straws, so I carry one around with me in a cute case, and if I go grocery shopping I carry a reusable bag!

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