Moving To New York: 5 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Today we’re launching a new column, Moving To New York! Each month, we’ll feature tips and tricks that will make your transition to NYC smoother. The best part? Even if you’ve lived here all your life or a good chunk of it, we think you’ll still learn a thing or two–so read on!

5 Apps that will make Every New Yorker’s Life Easier.

Exit Strategy
Use this to: Route your subway ride and find the best car to stand in (and stairwell to exit from) based on where you’re going.

How many times have you been late to something by mere minutes? Now you can quit cursing all 469 train lines and plot exactly which car to ride in and which exit to exit from, saving you those precious minutes (and most importantly save you from the stigma as always being late!) Just don’t start pushing the snooze button…

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NYC + WiFi
Use this to: Find a place to get coffee with access to the Internet.

With the price of Fios creeping up every year, we totally get making your local coffeeshop your office. But if showing up to the same spot all day, every day, milking one $2 cup of coffee has the baristas giving you mean looks, try NYC + WiFi, the app that tells you the best spaces to hunker down with your laptop in NYC and have a delicious cuppa joe, to boot. Fist bump for freelance life!

Use this to: Stop carrying cash and pay your roommates/friends electronically for every little thing.

The office intern get your coffee? Need to pay one of your roommates your fourth of the electricity bill? Owe a friend $37.59 for Happy Hour margaritas? Venmo makes paying anyone and everyone the exact amount easier than ever. Simply connect your bank account, type in who you want to pay, and voila! No more stops at the ATM, ever. Plus the fact that you can communicate why you’re paying them through emojis is pretty cute, we have to say.

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Use this to: Have your groceries, wine, and prepared foods delivered next day.

Grocery shopping in NYC is nobody’s idea of a good time. Between the lines and carrying the haul home on the subway, it’s definitely more of a chore than a pleasurable afternoon in epicurean delights. And this is exactly why I’ve been doing the majority of my grocery shopping on the FreshDirect app for the last few years. Not only can you shop quickly and efficiently for exactly what you need while you’re doing other chores (think getting a hair cut, buying stamps, waiting in the doctor’s office), but the prices are actually cheaper than what you’d pay at Whole Foods. And with a delivery pass, it’s basically free unlimited alcohol delivery, too.

Use this to: Order food from all your favorite restaurants straight to your apartment.

If calling your local Chinese takeout place is your jam, then by all means, we’d hate to take that Saturday night thrill away from you! But if waiting on hold for someone to take your order isn’t your idea of a fabulous time, hop right onto Seamless and order all the food that you could possibly want. So if you’re craving sushi and your partner is craving pizza, totally no biggie. Seamless has you both covered.

What are your go-to NYC apps? And what topics would you like to see covered in future Moving To NYC columns? Share with us on our Facebook and Twitter!

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