New Year Resolutions For Apartment Living

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As residents of Glenwood welcome 2018, we encourage you to use this clean slate as a tool to kick off you apartment lifestyle New Year’s Resolutions! Whether these include keeping a more organized household, donating unused clothes, creating a home workout routine, or freshening up your decor, there’s truly no time like the present to gift yourself this bit of sanity. Use our tips below to kick those apartment living resolutions into gear!

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Keeping A More Organized Household

We’ve all heard the expression that our home should be our sanctuary–but let’s be real: this is really hard to achieve in the midst of clutter and chaos. In order to reign both of these in, follow these two easy guidelines:

  1. Take care of mail the second it comes into your house. This means recycling any junk mail, putting bills into your home office to be dealt with ASAP, and to sort any “fun mail” (such as magazines or letters).
  2. Have a place for everything. Yes, this may sound very Marie Kondo from her book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, but this book went viral simply because it works. When you come in from work every day, instead of dumping everything directly onto your dining room table and having to deal with it later, take the extra 5 seconds and hang your jacket, store your work bag in the closet, and slip your shoes into your shoe rack. Make a habit of putting everything in its designated place, and you’ll quickly see how nicely your home begins to flow!
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Creating A Home Workout Routine

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions we hear is to get healthier, right? We encourage you to utilize your home to help you do this! If you live in a Glenwood building with a fitness studio and pool, such as Hawthorn Park or Emerald Green, take total advantage of them by scheduling a workout into your day just as you would any other meeting. Make this a non-negotiable.

But even if you don’t have an in-house workout facility, make a point of clearing out a place in your living room to do a free YouTube workout video a few mornings a week, or integrating an app like Headspace to kick your mornings off with guided meditations.

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Donating Unused Clothes

Why wait for spring cleaning to go through your closet when you can use January to do so!? Take a Saturday afternoon and go through the wardrobes in your house. You know the drill, make three piles: keep, sell, and donate.

For the items you choose to donate and free up space in your apartment at The Bristol or Barclay Tower for example, make your life easier and contact a charity that will come directly to your NYC apartment to pick up the items, such as LSA Family Health Services in East Harlem. It’s as easy as going online to their website, providing your address and how many bags/boxes for pickup you have, and securing a date for them to come. They resell your items at their Sharing Place Thrift Shop, and use the funds to help the families they serve. Such an easy way to make your home more beautiful, while helping your local community! Win win!

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Freshening Up Your Decor

By freshening up your apartment decor, you’ll be doing yourself a favor and helping it to feel more like that sanctuary we’re talking about. But hear us when we say: this absolutely doesn’t require a ton or money or time! Simply take a Saturday afternoon and take stock of what in your apartment at The Belmont could use an overhaul with, and then make a list. Would your sleep improve with new linens? Maybe your living room would feel more inviting by switching up your interior decor? Could your guest bathroom feel more like a spa if you put in some luxury candles from Jo Malone?

We’re not talking full-on design challenge here, but you’ll be surprised how these little things really can make all the difference!

What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2018? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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