A 5 Step Guide to Valentine’s Day in Manhattan

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Ahhh, February 14th, the most romantic day of the year in New York City! Whether you love it, hate it, or prefer to use it as excuse to treat yourself to flowers, chocolate, and other sweet gestures, we’ve teamed up with Cupid himself to showcase the best options to celebrate this day of love – and yourself! Here’s how to create the perfect Valentine’s Day in 5 easy steps:

1. Order Fresh Flowers

It’s Valentine’s Day… so send flowers to someone special in your life! Whether it be your beau, your mom, sister, aunt, best friend, or your grandmother, pick up a colorful bouquet that fits their personality.

If the receiver lives within Manhattan, stop at your local neighborhood bodega and create your own bundle of blooms, finished with a sweet Valentine’s note. If you’re sending an arrangement out of town, try the company BloomThat. Not only are they wrapped in the prettiest burlap and tied with color coordinating ribbons (completely ready to be Instagrammed), but the flowers stay fresh for SO long!

Bonus for New Yorkers: Enjoy same day delivery in NYC if you want to surprise someone in the office!

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2. Buy Local Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is the sweetest day to celebrate your special someone with edible treats they’ll actually want. Afterall, we do live in a city filled with artisan chocolatiers!

Pick up some delectable chocolates from Jacques Torres Chocolate in Manhattan. In fact, this chocolate shop isn’t too far from Glenwood’s Grand Tier and Hawthorn Park buildings! The champagne truffles or creme brûlée chocolate bar are a quick sell, and for good reason. Torres started this boutique chocolate shop in 2000 in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and has since opened several other shops around Manhattan. And looking at the beauty of his treats, you could say he truly puts the artist in artisan chocolate!

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3. Plan a Special Date

February 14th does not mean you’re expected to make a fancy reservation and see a movie. Instead, break that mold! Avoid overpriced bistros, crowded bars, and overworked wait staff with a new kind of date that suits both you and your Valentine.

How does a swanky soiree at the American Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side sound?  The night begins with an open bar of cocktails and champagne, passed hors d’oeuvres and chocolate, while a jazz quartet plays in the background. Snuggle close in the Hayden Planetarium while an astronomer tells sweet stories based on the cosmos. Will your stars align? This event is a short cab ride for residents of The Encore – so dress your best for a lovely night out close to home! Or a glass blowing class in Brooklyn?! Get creative the city has so many fun and cool experiences you can plan!

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Happy Valentine’s day ! Stylish pink and red hearts flat lay on pink paper background. Creative modern valentines hearts cutouts composition. Love background

4. Send Snail-Mail Cards

When’s the last time you received a piece of mail that wasn’t junk or a bill? Receiving snail mail is one of life’s smallest but greatest pleasures, and this simple gesture can bring so much joy to your loved ones, both near and far. Whether your Glenwood building is in Midtown East or the East Side of Manhattan, head over to Greenwich Letterpress and stock up on cute cards and stationary (they have a fabulous Valentine’s Day selection!), pen a sweet note, and drop them in the nearest post box. You’ll be sure to bring a smile to a lot of faces!

Theres a great stationary store with fantastic cards located close the many of the Glenwood Upper East Side buildings- Paper Source on 1296 3rd Avenue!

5. Renew Your Vows or Be Inspired by Others Who Are

Two of the most romantic places you can spend your Valentine’s Day in Manhattan is Central Park and Times Square!

Every year, couples are encouraged to show up on the famed red steps of Times Square where they can renew their wedding vows in front of the world. This year, while all are clearly welcome, a special invitation has been extended to lovers who’s relationship bridge boundaries. Wedding attire is always encouraged, too!

For a more intimate atmosphere, Central Park is always our recommended go-to destination to enjoy some quality time with your beau. Take a walk around the reservoir, enjoy a cozy carriage ride, or snuggle up on a nearby bench. We bet you’ll find a few other couples doing the exact same!

Swoon over these ideas for Valentine’s Day? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter on how you shared love in the air!

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