Upcoming Art Gallery Openings in NYC

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Date night in NYC has so many possibilities, but we admit, we somehow always find ourselves in the “dinner and drinks” routine. While you can never go wrong with visiting your favorite cafe or wine bar, wine not change it up a bit? We’ll be taking a look at where to go for gallery openings and free wine in the city!

Let’s start with the basics: Where to find the openings. If you’re not in the art field, this can feel like a really overwhelming task – with so many galleries spanning Manhattan (not to mention the outer boroughs!), where is the best place to start? We have a few go-to websites that are updated daily and give a run-down of galleries opening in the current and coming weeks.

A painting of pastel buildings in teal, white, and gold colors at an art show.
Photo Credit: NY Art Beat Facebook

NY Art Beat App

NY Art Beat is a fantastic resource on a few levels. Along with listing galleries with wine-filled opening receptions, you’re able to search by neighborhood to find something going on, as well as see which exhibits are closing soon.

The site prides itself for being user friendly for the casual art goer and professionals who work in the field. On any given day, they have around 1,100 galleries and museums listed in the NYC area. Want to hear another super cool thing about them? They have an app available, making your search for gallery openings within walking distance even last minute super easy!

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Meetup’s Wednesday and Thursday Night Gallery Hop

Making date night a communal experience with other art lovers in NYC can add a certain element of excitement to the evening (and something fun to talk about over dinner later!) – all thanks to the gallery roll up Meetup provides.

Every Wednesday and Thursday, you can join the members of the Wednesday Night Gallery Hop and Thursday Night Gallery Hop for a fun evening of gallery hopping. Check out the hottest openings that week from 6pm to 8pm, which are stocked with free wine and snacks. If the night is still young, chat over pieces of art that you love (or didn’t!) at a local wine bar with fellow gallery goers!

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Another Day, Another Gallery with Artnet

When we think of the ultimate platform to scope out upcoming gallery and art meetups, Artnet literally has something going on every day. The website presents a variety of galleries in multiple locations (besides New York, there’s listings in LA, Paris, and London if you’re a frequent traveler!).

Form gallery openings to museum exhibits, art fairs and even upcoming auctions for for those art buyers out there, you can really narrow down an event that best suits you and your beau’s art preference for date night!

We’re most excited for the following galleries happening in New York this spring:

Brian Rutenberg – Lowcoutry: New Paintings – Forum Gallery – March 23rd-May 6th

Worthy of the Ages: Important Hudson River School Paintings – Questroyal Fine Art – March 10th-April 8th

Bite Me: Photorealism from the Kitchen – Louis K. Meisel Gallery – April 6th-29th

What are you most excited for – the wine, the art, or both?! Share your go-to galleries popping up across New York with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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