Transitioning Your Apartment Decor From Summer To Fall

Fall is upon us and it’s time to decorate your Glenwood apartment to reflect the change of seasons! We’re going to give you the skinny on what to keep in your apartment and what needs to be sent to storage until next summer, as well as some fun ideas on how to decorate for autumn! These simple updates are inexpensive and require minimal planning or time, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the giant impact they make.

Fall Spices

The Kitchen

To Swap: In your kitchen, it’s all about switching your mindset from summery, hot weather foods to fall, cold weather foods. Go on ahead and tuck your blender away (bye bye, smoothies!), and replace it with your CrockPot (hello, warm savory meals!)

To Add: Now is a great time to update your spice cabinet for the changing season. Consider adding spices that will warm you from the inside out, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, turmeric, and ginger. Make sure you have plenty of cold weather drinks on hand, too, such as hot chocolate, tea, and your favorite local brand of coffee. You can grab a few bags of NYC’s own Gotham Dark Roast the next time you’re at Irving Farm, which is roasted in New York State and has cafe locations on the Upper East Side, the Westside, Midtown East,  and Downtown.

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The Bathroom

To Swap: Those lightweight waffle robes can get tucked away until the next warm season, and instead bring out the thick, floor length cotton robes that will keep your warm on even the coldest of days. Same goes for switching out the towels–you’ll want all the layered warmth you can get!

To Add: A simple thing such as switching the scent of your soap for the upcoming season will make a huge difference! Soaps in scents such as apple, pumpkin, or maple will give you a whiff of autumn every time you wash your hands, and can be picked up at stores such as Bath and Body Works or even your corner Duane Reade.

blanket and book on couch

The Living Room

To Swap: Now is the perfect time to switch out throw pillows and blankets. Goodbye to the lightweight, bright textures and patterns found in summer and hello to the heavier, darker ones of winter. Tartan, wool, and deep jewel tones such as emerald green, navy, and maroons are perfect for this time of year. If you need to pick some new pillow covers up, Pottery Barn is a great spot, located on the Upper West Side very close to Hawthorn Park.

To Add: Candles! The fall is a favorite season to add a bit of warmth (both literally and figuratively)–whether this means adding non-scented tea votives or your favorite apple pie scent. The flickering of the flames will present your living room with a sense of hygge, as the Danish know all too well!  

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The Master Bedroom

To Swap: Switch out the linen sheets for a cozy set of flannel ones.

To Add: Slippers to get tucked under the bed! You’ll be so pleased the first chilly morning when you step your feet out of bed, only to realize a pair of fury warm slippers await!

Candles and Coffee

The Children’s Bedroom

To Swap: Their book collection! Take a few minutes (or afternoon–depending on how complex their book collection is!) and change out any seasonal books that have found their way into your children’s library in the last few months: books that talk about spring, summer, days at the beach, fireworks, or vacations, and swap them for books on apple picking, going back to school, Halloween, and the first snowfall.

To Add: Children love anything with a touch of whimsy, so take this time to add a bit of magic to their room! Perhaps a string of pumpkin twinkle lights over their bed, a ghost night light next to their door, or a new calendar on their desk–filled in with dates they can look forward to for the upcoming season.

How do you plan to transition your home from summer to fall? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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