Tips For Valentine’s Day In Your Apartment

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, we want to help you make the best of it! What a perfect excuse to buy the ones you love or even yourself fresh flowers and chocolates! If you are looking for ways to make this Valentine’s Day in your Glenwood apartment even better, just keep reading!


Bring Home or Order Fresh Flowers

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It’s Valentine’s Day!  So send or bring home flowers to someone special in your life! Whether it be your partner, your mom, sister, aunt, best friend, or your grandmother, pick a bouquet that is perfect for him or her!

If the person you are sending flowers to lives within Manhattan, stop at your local neighborhood florist or bodega. If you’re sending an arrangement out of town Bouqs or BloomThat are great options to look at! Venus et Fleur is another online option that offers flowers that last up to an entire year!


 Buy Your Valentine Sweet Treats!

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to treat you loved ones to something extra sweet—like chocolates and special candies!  Some of our favorite suggestions are listed here! Jacques Torres Chocolate in Manhattan has a great selection of treats and with different locations all over NYC, there is surely one located close to your Glenwood uptown or downtown apartment! In fact, this chocolate shop isn’t too far from Glenwood’s Grand Tier and Hawthorn Park buildings! La Maison du Chocolat located on the corner of 79thand Madison is a very high end chocolate shop if you are looking for champagne truffles on the Upper East Side. If you are downtown, try Sugarfina located at 185 Greenwich Street. Sugarfina, also with a location midtown at 300 Madison Ave (42nd Street), has all sorts of special chocolate and sweet treats like rosé flavored rose shaped gummies that are labeled “love you a bunch”, or lip shaped sugar gummies that say “kiss me” on the label! They even have the cutest gift boxes, perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts!

Hand Write Cards!

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Getting a handwritten card in the mail is a small joy often taken for granted! When was the last time you received a piece of mail that wasn’t junk or a bill? This simple gesture can bring so much joy to your loved ones, both near and far. Papyrus is a great stationary store that you will be able to have fun searching for the perfect card to send! The store has multiple locations, which makes it very convenient for Glenwood residents! If you live on the Upper East Side, there are two locations on 1285 1st Avenue (between 69thand 70thStreet) and on 1270 3rd Ave (between 73rdand 74thStreet.) If you live in The Pavilion, The Fairmont, or The Somerset. If you live downtown, there are two Papyrus Tribeca locations on 233 Broadway and 149 Reade St. These two stores are close to Barclay Tower, Liberty Plaza and Tribeca Bridge Tower!


Dine In

If you want to dine in for Valentine’s Day, that’s great! We can try to help make it that more special! If you are preparing a meal for your partner, think about their favorite meal and beverages. Do they love a certain dish you always make? Surprising him or her with that dish can be a lovely surprise paired with a specific wine or beverage that you know they will love! While you may have bought your partner chocolates, making chocolate covered strawberries is a fun and easy way to show that little bit of extra love and care!  If you plan to make dinner with your partner, make it a little more romantic! Prepare playlist of both of your favorite song to listen to as your cook away!


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For The Kids

Kids love Valentine’s Day too! It is a great way to let them know they are loved! If you want to do something a little bit special before you send them off to school, heart shaped pancakes are an easy and definitely scrumptious way to show them! It is easy to shape the batter into a heart and perhaps add chocolate chips if you have a child who is a chocolate lover! Another cute idea is a handmade card with a picture of you both! Definitely a way to make your little one smile.


Do you have any special  ideas for Valentine’s Day? Share with us on Facebookand Twitter on how you shared love in the air!

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