Restaurant of the Month: The Smile

A view of The Smile's front door entrance during the day with blooming flowers and a bench.
Photo Credit: The Smile Facebook

Have you ever adored a restaurant so much that you actually considered moving to its neighborhood so it could be your “go-to neighborhood spot”?

This happened to me when I stumbled across The Smile. Even though I won’t be packing up and moving to Bond Street in the near future, hopping on the train to visit this adorable spot is worth the ride!

Located in a landmark 1830’s Federal-style townhouse,and strewn with twinkle lights on the front porch, The Smile is as darling as NYC restaurants come. There’s a warm and cozy rustic vibe inside – making it the perfect spot for dining with their delicious Mediterranean-inspired menu.

A grilled sandwich with fresh greens and cheese on a white plate from The Smile in NYC.
Photo Credit: The Smile Facebook

Before we jump into what to order, there’s one more thing noteworthy about this spot: they’re focused on supporting small farms and using local ingredients. This just got a whole lot better!

Milk is soured locally from the award-winning Battenkill Valley Creamery in Upstate New York, and eggs are local, free-range, and hormone-free. This is definitely something everyone can support as we (try) to stick to those healthy New Year resolutions!

To Start

It’s tempting to go overboard on the appetizers… since they all sound incredible! Start with an order of the Marinated Goat Cheese, completed with fried garlic, sage, on a toasted baguette for $8, and an order of the Butternut Squash Crostini, with homemade ricotta, red onion, pomegranate seed, and mint for $12.

A dish from The Smile with fresh greens, grilled chicken, and brown rice with carrots.
Photo Credit: The Smile Facebook


Lemon is one of my favorite flavors, so when I see it on a menu, I just have to give it a try. It’s one of those strong flavors that can be a total hit or miss, but The Smile’s Spaghetti in Lemon Cream with parmesan and basil for $16 is a total hit.

Another standout is the Melted Date and Red Onion Braised Brisket, with couscous and currants, radish-sorrel salad, and greek yogurt for $24.

Pair these with a side of the Baked Sweet Potato with whipped feta, pickled chilies, and fennel seeds for $8, and you’re as good as gold.

A cup of coffee with a leaf design sitting on a brown wooden table at The Smile in NYC.
Photo Credit: The Smile Facebook


I love that this spot has staples such as a warm chocolate brownie or gelato if you’re feeling up for a classic, but also some innovative sweets to try if you’re craving something a bit more unique.

The Polenta Cake Sundae, with vanilla gelato, caramelized white chocolate, and roasted peaches for $9 or the Banana Toffee Pie with graham crackers, dulce de leche, and whipped cream for $10 are both excellent. Coffee beverages are completely on point here, too, so order a cappuccino (complete with pretty artwork) to round out your meal.

An interior view of The Smile's dimly lit bar and dining tables with rustic exposed brick and wooden floors.
Photo Credit: The Smile Facebook

Cooking with The Smile at Home

If you can’t move down to Bond Street to be neighbors with The Smile, there is an alternative for you. Executive chef and one of the partners of the restaurant, Melia Marden, has released her own cookbook, Modern Mediterranean: Easy, Flavorful Home Cooking.

Melia presents 125 easy Mediterranean-inspired recipes for the home cook that require no special techniques (or talent in the kitchen!). From Minted Snap Peas to Watermelon Salad to Summer Steak Sliced Over Corn to Almond Cream with Honey, you can have the goodness of The Smile right in your NYC apartment.

The Smile is our favorite spot this month to eat in or dine out at. Share with us on Facebook and Twitter your favorite dish!


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