The Best Places To Catch The Sunrise and Sunset In NYC

Who doesn’t love a sunrise and/or sunset…especially when it comes with a NYC skyline? New York City is known for having particularly amazing starts and ends to its days, but you have to be in the right place to catch the best views! Below, we’ve rounded up the best locations in the city to gaze at the sunrise (for you early birds) or sunset (for your night owls). This is a great socially distant activity for you and your friends or family!

Beautiful pink sunset over downtown Manhattan


Glenwood residents living in Downtown Manhattan are lucky enough to be in one of the prime spots for both sunrise and sunsets (it sure does pay to live at the bottom tip of the island sometimes!) Head to the North Cove of Battery Park, which is located on the Hudson River between Liberty Street and Vesey Street. You’ll be able to witness the sun peak (and sink) over the horizon. You’ll have the added bonuses of being able to take in the water views, Statue of Liberty, and boats galore. 

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Sunset over the highland in downtown NYC
New York City, USA on the High Line Park.

Westsiders have an entire strip of island available for their sunset watching purposes: The Highline. The elevated walking path (which was once a railroad track) runs along the Westside of the island from Hudson Yards to the Meatpacking District. You’ll steal beautiful views of the Hudson River (ideal for catching that sunset to the west!), as well as loads of funky art, great people watching, live music, and all the other fantastic activities the Highline offers! Nestle into one of the many benches or sun chaises along the walkway and watch the sun slip below the horizon, disappearing into Jersey.

Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking path of the Brooklyn Bridge

For a great sunset activity, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge! If you want to make a day out of it, pack a picnic lunch with a friend or family member! There are great parks to sit and relax at right over the bridge like Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is a great way to spend the day while social distancing. 

Glenwood Terrace

Your Own Glenwood Apartment

If you live in a Glenwood building, chances are you don’t have to go far to take in a gorgeous sunrise or sunset view! Not only are Glenwood buildings notorious for their sun-drenched apartments with windows aplenty, but many apartments have private terraces–the perfect spot to go with your first cup of coffee or after-work drink to appreciate the sun rising and setting over Manhattan.

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