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If you're looking for parade alternatives or ways to burn off the calories from longest Thanksgiving meal in history and still have plenty of time that day (and even more time for the glorious four-day weekend). Get out and about and enjoy the start of the city's most festive season with few of the many holiday-kick-off activities going on around town. Continue Reading Six Thanksgiving Activities That Don’t Involve Eating or Shopping
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Are you deciding what to make for Thanksgiving this year ? How about just making reservations?? No cooking, no cleaning - just show up and enjoy the food! If you decide that you're taking a break from cooking a massive Thanksgiving dinner this year, consider one of these NYC restaurants! They're fun, festive, family friendly, and of of course we've picked menus from the finest chefs in NYC - from Harlem to Houston Street. Check out our list of the best NYC restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner! Continue Reading Best NYC Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner
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