Snack Box & Nuchas in Times Square NYC

We don't pass through Times Square NYC very often, for obvious reasons, but every once in a while fate (or, more likely, out-of-town visitors) has a way of landing us smack in the middle of all of those crossroads-of-the-world hordes. Now, wading through 700 million tourists can make us feel many different things, from irritation (don't just STOP in the middle of the sidewalk!) to gratitude (thanks for spending all that money!), but it's also always pretty much guaranteed to make us hungry. In years past, restaurants near Times Square NYC  for a quick, reasonably fresh and/or tasty bite to eat were pretty much zero. Last fall, though, the snack situation in NYC Times Square started to change for the better, with the addition of several new carefully-curated (and nicely designed) shipping-container kiosks, located right on the pedestrian plazas which now give the Great White Way a little breathing room,…

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