NYC’s Best Flower Shows for Spring 2015

Cherry blossom trees in full pink bloom during the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's festival

Weird (and amazing!) how it went from biting freezingness and driving snowstorm to glorious warmth and hope and comfort over the course of, like, 48 hours this week. But we’ll take it! Because even though it will likely be another few weeks before some of these grime-coated ice mounds actually disappear, it right now seems certain that, once again, spring and sunshine and naps on the grass will all actually happen. In celebration of this inevitable and yet always-so-wonderfully-surprising change of seasons, the city’s great gardens have just opened, or are preparing to open, the best New York City flower shows for 2015, so here’s a sneak peek at everything you can expect from the blooming delights.

Orchids in bloom inside the 2015 Orchid Show in New York City

The 2015 Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden: Chandeliers [Now through April 19th]

This New York Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show is always pretty spectacular, but this year they’re trying something a bit different which, from what I hear, is both more creative in terms of design AND even more beautiful than ever. The 2015 Orchid Show is called “Chandeliers” for its dozens of brand-new hanging creations, including simple baskets, riotous living columns, and the exhibition’s show-stopper, a massive, star-shaped “chandelier” exploding with literally hundreds of individual plants. More info here.

Macy's Flower Show: Art In Bloom starting March 22nd through April 4th

Macy’s Flower Show 2015: Art In Bloom [March 22nd through April 4th]

The annual Macy’s Flower Show tends to be a bit of a mob scene, mostly because you’re actually inside Macy’s, which already always feels pretty packed to this shopper. But if you live or work near Herald Square, it seems like it’d be worth checking out to see what the Macy’s designers do with this year’s theme, Art In Bloom. On the store’s main floor you’ll find the Pop Art Garden, the Portrait Gallery (famous faces in flowers, presumably), the Surrealist Garden, the Impressionist Garden, and a whole bunch more. And on opening day, in the first of many special events through the show’s two-week run, Martha Stewart herself will be on hand with, oddly, a cooking demonstration, as opposed to, say, a floral arrangement master class. ; More info here.
A young man dressing up dring the Cherry Blossom Festival at the New York Botanic Garden

Cherry Blossom Season and Sakura Matsuri 2015 at Brooklyn Botanic Garden [April 25th & 26th]

Finally and, as usual, the spring event for which I’m most excited about, is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s 2015 Sakura Matsuri festival, celebrating both traditional and contemporary Japanese culture and the culmination of the weeks-long Cherry Blossom Season. As always the BBG is breaking out its ingenious “CherryWatch Blossom Status Map”, for real-time updates on how many of its nearly 150 trees are in bloom on any given day. But for amazing cosplay, performances of all kinds, and a huge party atmosphere, the weekend of Sakura Matsuri, is the time to go. More info here.

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