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February may be the shortest month of the year, but there sure is a lot of fun to be packed into these 28 days! You may be skimming down and wondering, "but where is all the lovey dovey Valentine's Day activities?!" Not to worry, you NYC romantics, we'll be doing a special Valentine's Day post on Friday, so below you'll find all the non-chocolate, non-romantic comedy happenings for the month of February. From ice sculpture discos to the annual women's fashion week, we think you're in for a real treat. Continue Reading Things To Do In NYC This February
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Spring is almost here. Really? It's kind of hard to tell, isn't it? After #neverendingwinter2015, I'll believe it when I see it...BUT there are increasingly positive signs that soon everyone will be complaining about how hot and muggy is it. In the meantime, however, New York is host to a wonderful variety of flower shows that are sure to put a little Spring in your step. Here are some of our recommendations. Continue Reading NYC’s Best Flower Shows for Spring 2015
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