Snow Day Apartment Essentials

Whether or not you are a fan of winter, there is always something magical about a snow day. If you have kids, you know they are hoping for a snow day from school, which means superstitions like sleeping with their pajamas on inside out or with a spoon under their pillow just as you may have done as a child! If you are an adult, being snowed in and having to work from home can be a nice treat! Yes, winter storms come with a lot of necessary maintenance, but they can also become a fun or relaxing day! Below are our suggestions on how to make the most out of your snow day in your Glenwood apartment.



Pick Out The Perfect Snow Storm Movie

A couple on the couch with the tv remote watching tv

If you are stuck inside due to a snow storm, curling up on the couch with a hot chocolate or hot tea does sound rather appealing! It is a great time to catch up on that movie you have been dying to see or finish that new series you have been trying to find a time to watch! If you have younger children, watching movies with a snow theme is always fun. Some movies that will keep them entertained and excited about the snow are films like Frozen, Happy Feet, or The Chronicles of Narnia! These movies are fun for the whole family to watch together! If you are looking for a more serious weather related movie you can watch The Day After Tomorrow or Eight Below! You can check out a compiled list of snow themed movies by clicking here!


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Use Your Building’s Amenity Spaces

If a snow storm lasts more than a day, you may find yourself having a case of cabin fever—especially if you have your kids home from school! This is a perfect opportunity to make use of your uptown or downtown Glenwood building’s amenity spaces. If you start to feel restless, check if your building has a gym. Even if your gym is something you don’t visit often, this may be a good time to stretch out your legs on the treadmill! If you have younger children at home, you may have a Glenwood playroom in your west side or east side apartment that would be a great outlet for your children to expend their pent up energy! Some Glenwood buildings even have pools—what a fun thing to do with your family during a snow day, go for a dip!


Stock Up On Food and Snacks

Hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies on a light wood table with pink decor accents

If you know a snow day is approaching, it is smart to stock up on some items like food and water! Aside from the essential food items, it is fun to do something a little special for yourself or your family during snow days. If you are planning on having a movie day or hot coco party with your kids, stop at the store before the storm hits to grab things like popcorn, hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and whatever other special snow storm treats are your favorite! Making s’mores in the microwave is always a cute and fun idea too!



Brown snow boots stepping in snow

If you go out during the storm, your shoes will most likely have salt from the sidewalks on them which can affect your apartment floors! Using an indoor rubber shoe mat for your winter boots is a great help to avoid this problem! A mat is easy to store with items like your holiday decorations so it’s ready to be brought out in time for the seasonal winter storm!


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