Rossopomodoro’s Great Pizza Now Available Outside of Italy (and Eataly)

Rosspomodoro in the West Village

They may have some 120 restaurants all over the world–mostly in Italy, though–but up until recently the Naples-based, pizza chain Rossopomodoro had only a single outpost in New York City, and that was inside Mario Batali's food mall Eataly. Not that there's anything wrong Eataly, far from it–I still pop in for a pound of their fresh agnoletti and a ball of mozzarella every now and then–but given the non-stop rush of tourists there it's hardly the most relaxing place to enjoy a meal. Ah, but now there's a NEW Rossopomodoro, slinging its first-rate pies in a pretty, rambling space on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village. And even though it definitely gets festive in here during prime time, at least you don't have to wade through a thousand out-of-towners gawking at salami to get to your table.

Rosspomodoro in the West Village

Rossopomodoro In The West Village

I've only been able to eat at the West Village Rossopomodoro once since it opened in early December of last year, but fortunately I arrived with a large enough appetite to get through most of two different pizzas*. And both of them were great. Really, in a city suddenly teeming with excellent new Naples-style individual pies–Marta, GG's, Emily, to name just my own Top 3–Rossopomodoro more than holds it own. From the menu's "Red Pizza" section (Le Rosso del Rosso), I ordered the Salcicciotta, which is topped with salty mozzarella, crumbled sweet sausage, and charred mushrooms (and tomato sauce, hence the "rosso"), and it was terrific, a nice balance of flavors, plus the crust was both puffy and chewy. It did have that "wet" part in the center, as all good Neapolitan pies do, which some people don't care for, but I like it.       

Rosspomodoro in the West Village

What I Ordered at Rossopomodoro 

And my Le Bianche di Rosso–or, White Pizza–pie was even better! This was the Broccoletta, covered with roasted Brussels sprouts, rich guanciale (pork jowls), and thick creme fraiche. Not a light summer pie, to be sure, but fantastic on a cold night. The Rossopomodoro menu also has a fairly extensive pasta section, which I will definitely dive into next time, as well as the expected salads and starters. One thing to note, though: when I showed up pretty early on a Saturday night the hostess first told me that she had no tables available (even though there were clearly many empty seats at that moment) because everything was reserved. Who knew this was such a hot place!? I talked her into letting me gorge with promises that I'd be quick (I was), but if you want to be less rushed, it seems prudent to hit Open Table before walking in.

Rosspomodoro in the West Village

For Menu and More Information on Rossopomodoro

Rossopomodoro is located on the corner of Greenwich Avenue and West 13th Street, and is open daily on Monday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight, and on Saturday and Sunday it opens for dinner at 4:00. Rossopomodoro also serves brunch on the weekends, from 12:00 noon to 4:00. For more information check out the complete Rossopomodoro menu.

*You do not need two pizzas for each person. I can eat a lot!

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