Restaurant of the Month: Pete’s Tavern

For a festive place to dine out in the month of December, look no further than Pete’s Tavern. Located Downtown, this legendary restaurant has been around practically as long as New York City herself (only a slight exaggeration, as the building has been around since 1829, and the first drink sold here was in 1864!) With all the trendy restaurants popping up all over the city these days, it’s comforting to have a tried-and-true spot that keeps people coming back for great food, warm service, and (dare we say) a reputation for being a spot where everyone knows your name.

petes tavern exterior
Pete’s Tavern

The Vibe

Why pick December to visit Pete’s Tavern? We can’t think of many other spots that get in the holiday spirit quite like Pete’s! They’re famous for their festive holiday decorations, from the outside in. The windows display a fun animated winter village, while the bar area is completely covered in red Christmas lights over the entire ceiling. It’s sure to qualify you for best Instagram photo of the season!

Along with their holiday decor, Pete’s has plenty of seating at both tables and booths, so is quite comfy. The food is Italian American with generous (read: huge) portions, and they update their beverage menu seasonally to keep the best of the season coming at you. Hot toddies, apple cider, and maple bourbon old-fashions will keep you toasty all month long!

And don’t let the word “tavern” scare you off if you have kiddos-it’s actually very kid friendly. They even put butcher paper over the tables, making for the perfect canvas for your child’s Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer art portraits.

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petes tavern interior
Pete’s Tavern

The Food

Pete’s Tavern is open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. You’ll appreciate this place because it has food with that delicious home cooked quality, but lacks the high prices of many other restaurants in the area. For example, you can get a bowl of the soup of the day for only $3.95, or their legendary O. Henry chicken wings for $9.75. (Fun fact: O. Henry frequented this spot at the turn of the century, so you’re literally stomping on his old stomping grounds as you eat here.) For entrees, you can get a homemade meat lasagna for $11.50, or go big with the grilled 16 ounce New York Sirloin Steak for $25.50. Their brunch menu allows you to pick any entree off the menu (think: burgers, omelets, avocado toast), coffee or tea, and an adult beverage for $21.95. And for dessert, consider seasonal favorites such as hot pecan pie or baked apple crumb (both $7.95).

petes tavern light
Pete’s Tavern

Good To Know

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to throw a holiday get together, Pete’s Tavern has got you covered. They have a party room (dubbed the Speakeasy Room) with many great options available, from a traditional coursed sit-down dinner, to a buffet, to passed hors d’oeuvres, to brunch, to even the option of having a cash bar.

They also have specials on different nights of the week. Monday evenings, you can enjoy a pasta dish, salad, and glass of wine or beer all for $13.95 (maybe just the best deal in the city?!) And on Wednesday evenings, you can choose a seafood dish served with a salad for $18.95.

Pete’s Tavern is a close choice for Glenwood residents living at Barclay Tower or Liberty Plaza. Perhaps pair it with a trip to the Union Square Holiday Market for a cup of hot cider to really get into the Christmas spirit!

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