Restaurant of the Month: Paowalla

The blue and gold logo of Paowalla Indian restaurant in Soho, Manhattan, New York on a white background.
Photo Credit: Paowalla

It’s no secret that New York City is the place to taste test foods from across the globe. This month we’re celebrating Indian cuisine from Chef Cardoz’s restaurant in Soho. Cardoz brings the authentic flavors and spice of traditional Indian foods through a modern American lens. Let’s travel to India with our restaurant of the month: Paowalla!

With a menu divided into sections of tasty drinks, appetizers, small plates, brunch options, and of course dessert, you’ll surely return again and again to Paowalla’s fun and casual atmosphere. With small plates designed for quick meals or sharing with friends to try new flavors, here’s a few of our favorite dishes… We hope you’re hungry!

A bright yellow cocktail in a clear glass garnished with a lemon wedge and peel sitting on a brown wooden table.
Photo Credit: Paowalla

Your Drink Order

Every good meal starts with a good drink. We suggest starting yours with one of Paowalla’s specialty cocktails – particularly the Haldi Highball. A combination of gin, turmeric, some lemon, and a drop of honey gives a tasteful introduction to the food yet to come! In the mood for a fresh and light choice? The Royal Shandy is made with gin, grapefruit juice, fresh Romemary, and topped with an IPA beer. If wine is more of your choice, Paowalla has an extensive list of whites, reds, and rose.

Fresh naan bread with an assortment of colorful dips in small white bowls on a brown wooden table.
Photo Credit: Paowalla

Where to Start?

When thinking of Indian food, one of the first to come to mind is Naan. This is exactly why we suggest you start with such, simply because Paowalla bakes their own authentic bread from scratch. Here we have unique versions of the traditional food: the stuffed Cheddar Cheese Kulcha or Bacon Naan were the two that jumped out at us. Other Naan options include sourdough, rosemary, and garlic infused breads.

An Indian food dish form Paowalla with bright red tomatoes and fresh greens sitting in a white bowl.
Photo Credit: Paowalla

Share the Goodness

The Chota portion of the menu is made for sharing, so come with a hungry group! Sample new flavors of Indian food without getting overly stuffed. The must-try options include Roasted Green Chickpea Chat, which is combined with sweet onions, chilies, and tamarind. The Squash Blossom Pakoras with fresh goat cheese is paired with boodies ketchup for a tasty finish. And if you love garlic french fries, Paowalla’s got ’em! Try Indian-style french fries sprinkled with coconut, chilies, and of course fresh garlic.

Three pieces of fresh grilled pineapple with charred grill marks.
Photo Credit: Paowalla

A Sweet Finish

Don’t let the foreign dessert menu scare you from trying sweet new Indian treats! Go for the Gulab Nut with cashew cream – similar to a donut with dulce de leche sauce, stuffed with a sweet cream. Sweet grilled pineapple is a familiar food influenced with a touch of Indian tradition. The Vanilla Bean Kulfi is topped with fresh and ripe strawberries for a refreshing taste. And what would a trip to an Indian restaurant be without trying delicious tea? From chamomile to mint and everything in between, you’ll want a cup or two to top off your visit to Paowalla.

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