Restaurant Of The Month: Divya’s Kitchen

November is a time we’re all craving warm, nourishing foods that can satisfy us from the inside out. To treat yourself to a delicious meal that accomplishes just that, head on over to Divya’s Kitchen. Located Downtown, Divya’s was awarded the “Diner’s Choice Award” and chosen as one of the “10 Best Restaurants Overall in Manhattan” in 2018 by OpenTable, and with so many restaurants contending in this city, that alone speaks volumes. Read on as to why we’re headed to Divya’s this autumn, and why you should, too!

table setting with rustic features
Divya’s Kitchen, photo has been cropped.

The Vibe

Divya’s can best be described as both cozy and elegant…making it an ideal date night spot for fall, especially for Glenwood residents living at Barclay Tower and Liberty Plaza. A warm candlelight falls over each table, as you tuck into comfy white chairs straight out of a Restoration Hardware showroom. There’s plenty of greenery keeping the space warm and inviting, along with beautiful white washed exposed brick walls.

The cuisine is quite unique, even for New York standards. Divya’s dishes out vegetarian, Ayurvedic meals, modified for 2018 living. What does that mean, exactly? Well, Ayurveda is an ancient form of holistic medicine from India, which follows the belief that what you eat has much to do with how you feel. Using seasonal ingredients and healing spices, Divya’s prides itself on creating dishes that will make everyone leave the restaurant feeling their best.  

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avocado toast with radishes
Divya’s Kitchen, photo has been cropped.

The Food

Although the Ayurvedic way of cooking stems from India, the dishes at Divya’s range wildly. To start with, consider a warm and hearty soup to fit the current season. Perhaps the Creamy Vegetable Soup, made with taro root, broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini ($9). It’s not only vegetarian, but also gluten free! As a main, the Lasagna can’t be beat, made with cashew milk béchamel, broccoli, carrots, spinach, fresh mozzarella, house-made fresh cheese, and basil-parsley pesto ($23). For dessert, consider the decadent Rose Chocolate Mousse, which is prepared with raw cacao, Irish moss, coconut oil, almond milk, and sweetened with dates ($8). Even the dessert here is good for the body and soul!

Another option Divya’s has is their three course Prix Fixe, which lets you choose a starter, main, and dessert for $32.

Due to the healthy nature of the restaurant, alcoholic beverages are not available here. But fear not, they have plenty of nutritious mocktails to choose from, such as ginger mint limeade and grapefruit soda, all made from scratch in house ($7). Their delightful tea blends are a wonderful after dinner choice, ranging from Heart Opening Rose to Peace of Mind Peppermint ($5). With wellness all the current craze in NYC, you’ll be the talk of the town amongst your friends once introducing them to this culinary gem.

cookies muffins and brownies on a stack able plate and a coffee mug
Divya’s Kitchen, photo has been cropped.

Good To Know

Along with being a warm and healthy choice to spend a night out this autumn, Divya’s also offers many different kinds of cooking classes. From an intense 6-month training course that spans 11 weekends (if you’re really serious about learning the art of Ayurvedic cooking!), to one off “workshops with a meal” events, to vegetarian and seasonal cooking classes. For example, their upcoming Healthy Holiday Indulgence class will teach you how to craft a menu consisting of:

  • Cranberry Orange Drink
  • Polenta Bites
  • How to Make Fresh Cream Cheese
  • Basil Parsley Pesto
  • Lasagna with Broccolini, Carrots and Spinach
  • Almond Milk Bechamel
  • Chocolate Cake

The classes are $125 for one person, or $225 for two, and include a full meal at the end. In addition, Divya’s also regularly hosts private dinners in their loft space, which is a great alternative to holiday entertaining this year if you have a houseful of visitors and don’t feel like slaving over the stove. Not to mention, it’s guaranteed to be a healthy meal that won’t leave everyone in a turkey (or even faux-turkey) coma. Something we can all be grateful for!

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