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I stumbled upon Gloo completely by accident: I needed a restaurant that could accommodate a large table of people to host my book club, and it popped up at the top of my OpenTable search, with the added bonus of being a 1,000 bonus point restaurant. Score!

While I was delighted by the warm and cozy aesthetic of Gloo by perusing online photos, and thrilled we could be accommodated on such short notice, I was also hesitant of the quality of food and service we would receive. I mean, if a restaurant in the West Village has an opening for a table of 10 on a Thursday evening, it must be lacking in some department, right? Wrong. Oh so very, very wrong. Dining at Gloo was one of my eating highlights this year, and I can’t wait to return.

A barn table set with china white plates, wine glasses and utensil settings on a grey barn table at Gloo Restaurant NYC
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The Decor

As mentioned above, the pared-down bistro decor is inviting, rustic, and makes you want to hunker down and stay awhile. The restaurant’s large windows look out onto the activity of Carmine Street (one of the cutest streets in NYC, in my humble opinion), providing superb people watching for you and your dinner party. The walls are covered with vintage photographs, and the benches along the table have throw pillows you can snuggle into.

The Drinks

If you’re just looking to go out for drinks, sans food, there is a separate room with a bar and small intimate tables, which I imagine would make for an excellent date night (take note, gentlemen: Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!) They have a daily Happy Hour from 4pm to 7pm featuring $7 cocktails, $6 beer and ciders, and $7 wines by the glass (but don’t worry, it’s not the cheap house stuff, I ordered the French Muscadet and it was quite delicious!) Some of the standout cocktails were the Gold Fashioned, a mix of Cognac Godet, bitters, and orange, as well as the Ginger Cosmo, featuring Vodka, fresh ginger, triple sec, lime, and cranberry. You can also order Happy Hour nibbles, such as $3 French Olives, $5 Hummus, and a $12 Cheese Plate.

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The Food

For dinner, you’ll be in heaven if you have a soft spot for French food…not the pretentious, stuffy, high end restaurant French food, but rather the casual (and dare I say real?) French food that actual French citizens would eat and applaud. In fact, they’d probably say something along the lines of, “Oui! It tastes like my grandmere’s cooking!” And they’d be correct!

To start, I suggest you to get the Tomato Tart, it’s a simple tomato and basil on an upside down tart for only $13. Here’s the kicker: I don’t particularly even like tomatoes, and I gobbled this thing up–it was probably one of the best appetizers I’ve eaten in NYC. You also can’t go wrong with Murray’s Burrata, which is made with cold ratatouille and truffle oil for $13. Your waiter will bring over brown paper bags of filled with crusty baguette, and while it tastes fabulous just with the olive oil dipping sauce, it really starts to sing once you add the cheese on.

For your entree, go with the Wild Scallops in a cider sauce with slow cooked leeks for $33, or if you’re a vegetarian we suggest the Vegetable Lasagna, prepared with the freshest seasonal veggies from the local farmer’s market, at $18. Top these off with a few sides, green asparagus and sweet potatoes, both $7, and you’re good as gold. Well, almost. You still need to order dessert.

Since you’re in a French restaurant, go traditional here and get either the Creme Brulee à la vanille, which also happens to be an ideal dessert for you gluten free folks, at $8. Or if you’re chocolate all the way, get the Gateau Fondant Au Chocolat for $9, also a go for GF diners!

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Book For Your Private Event

If you have a special event coming up, anything from an intimate birthday party of 10 to a corporate holiday party of 74, Gloo is happy to work alongside you to create the perfect evening. You can choose buffet or seated dining, what goes on the menu, and your drink specials. Contact the restaurant to chat details, and to schedule your free tasting.

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