Restaurant of the Month: Boat Basin Cafe

Summertime in New York City is best enjoyed sitting by the Hudson River, frozen cocktail in hand, pooch at your feet, twinkle lights above, and the sounds of Top-40 music floating all around. Sound too good to be true? Then clearly you haven’t been to the Boat Basin Cafe!

A view of the Hudson River Boat Basin Cafe Marina
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The entire establishment is outside, thus is only open weather permitting, late March through the end of October. The restaurant consists of three sections: an open air patio overlooking the Marina and the Hudson, a covered rotunda, and an open circular-style patio that is used for bar parties. My recommendation is scoring a seat on the patio overlooking the Marina. New Jersey is only a stone-throw away, and the people-watching of the boaters pulling in and the joggers and roller-bladders moving up and down the Westside Greenway Path are unparalleled.

Located on West 79th Street on the Hudson River, the Boat Basin Cafe is everything that most New York City restaurants are not.  From the plastic chairs to the plastic cups to the fact that they allow dogs to happily lap out of plastic bowls below your table, it is truly a throw-back to the all-American BBQ. Casual in the City is where it’s at for NY summers, right?

A grey table with with Chicken salad, a roll and two plastic cups, outside on the patio
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The food at the Boat Basin is your typical BBQ-fare: burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, and even a few vegetarian options in the form of a garden burger and hummus sandwich. I’m a big fan of the nachos with white cheese sauce, frijoles negros, tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream and salsa, chased down with the coldest, smoothest strawberry margarita north of the border. Don’t be afraid to bring the whole family, there’s ice cream galore for the little ones (and big kids at heart.)

Truly a hidden gem, the Boat Basin Cafe should not be passed up this summer. Grab your favorite friends (and pooch!), a bottle of sunscreen, and best pair of Hollywood shades and head to the Upper West Side to experience it for yourself. After an afternoon of sunshine and a few of their amazing cocktails, you may for a moment forget you’re in New York City. Until your bill comes, that is (kidding, kidding, it’s actually super affordable!) Cheers, NYC!

The Boat Basin Cafe | West 79th Street at Riverside Drive New York, New York  10025 | 212.496.5542

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