Planting Tulip Bulbs & Planting Daffodil Bulbs: Glenwood Gardeners Plant 150,000 Tulips & Daffodils


Don Venezia, Supervisor for the Landscape Division at Glenwood management, is a very busy man these days. That’s because Don and his crack crew of seven landscapers and gardeners have been spending much of the last few weeks (and will continue on through November) planting some 150,000 tulip bulbs and daffodil bulbs in Glenwood gardens and public spaces, ensuring that residents of these luxury rental apartment buildings throughout Manhattan are guaranteed a glorious spring filled with tulips and daffodils. 

Yes, that’s 150,000 bulbs, a somewhat staggering number of flowers that instantly puts Glenwood among the largest buyers of tulips–all of which are imported from the Netherlands–on all of the East Coast. In fact, Glenwood’s luxury rental apartment building Hampton Court in Gracie Point, with its lovely, peaceful interior garden, is alone getting 15,000 bulbs planted, making for a spectacular concentration of blooms come spring. 


Most of Glenwood’s luxury rental apartment buildings will be receiving a combination of strategically-planted red, white and yellow blooms, including, for you gardeners out there, such varietals as Red Impression Tulips, Dutchmaster Daffodils, Mount Hood Daffodils, white Catharina tulips, and yellow Golden Parade tulips. Glenwood’s Emerald Green, in midtown, is the exception, and residents there can look forward to an an all-white design. Happy spring! 


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