Outdoor Concerts At Jones Beach

Ariel view shot of Jones Beach Concert Venue

Outdoor concerts are back! Jones Beach is hosting a wide array of musical performances this summer and fall. If you are a music lover, going to an outdoor concert at Jones Beach is a great activity for you and your friends or family. There are so many different genres of concerts to choose from, such as One Direction, Matchbox 20 and Rod Stewart . Keep reading to find out more!

Concerts Scheduled This Summer and Fall

Rear view of the man sitting play acoustic guitar on the outdoor concert with a microphone stand in the front, musical concept.

July 1st- Dixie Chicks

July 8th – Josh Groban

July 16th- Backstreet Boys

July 17th -3rd Eye Blind

July 18th- Matchbox 20

July 20th- One Republic

July 21st -Chris Rock

July 23rd- Kid Bop

July 26th -Phish

August 5th-Pitbull

August 9th- Pitbull

August 13th- Santana and Earth, Wind and Fire

August 20th- Goo Goo Dolls

August 23rd-Rod Stewart

August 27th -OAR

Concert venue image of crowd and band

How To Get There

If you are wondering how to get to Jone’s beach from your Glenwood apartment, there are very easy forms of transportation! If you have your own car, you can purchase a park pass with your concert ticket. The car ride from Manhattan is roughly 1:30-1:45 depending on what part of NYC you are leaving from. If you want to Uber or Lyft- those are great options, especially if you are planning on having a drink at the venue. If you want to take the train, which is probably the fastest option during rush hour traffic, you can take the LIRR to the Freeport stop and from there you can thaw the direct n88 bus to Jones beach which is only 20 min away! Or you can taxi/ uber from there.

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History of Jones Beach Concerts

Originally opening in 1952, the outdoor concert venue hosted musicals! Its first performance was A Night In Venice. It went under major renovation in 1992 and 1998 and now holds 15,000 seats. It is only one of two major outdoor arenas in New York.

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