Our Best Christmas Videos on Youtube List

Happy Holidays to all and to all please enjoy these top holiday Youtube videos! We thought to ourselves, what better way to celebrate this most festive time of the year, then with some fun Christmas videos. So we've gathered together some of the best christmas videos on Youtube for your holiday watching pleasure. Enjoy!

Ho-ho-holiday Videos That'll Make You Jolly

We're starting with Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" because its one of the top most requested songs this year. So we know you love it! This fun-loving, family-friendly impromtu sing-a-long version was made back stage before a Jimmy Falon show. Anything featuring Jimmy Falon on a kazoo is grade-A television in my book!

The next video is one of those awesome Christmas display lights shows, where someone with a lot of time on their hands strings up an outrageous amounts of lights and syncs them up with a song. This version is one of the top played on Youtube. The display has about 60,000 lights and has raised over $40,000 for the Make-a-wish foundation. So its a great watch and for a good cause!

This next one never fails to put a smile on my face. Because, well.. kittens are cute and let's face it, a compliation of Youtube videos wouldn't be complete unless there is a cat video in it.

Gotta love a food court flash mob! This video features over 100 participants. Watching this makes me wonder whether I'd get up and sing. Would you?

This one's for all you romantics out there.. or anyone who wishes they had a fireplace for the holidays.

We're going to end on a nerdy media note with this video detailing the history of the nativity as told through social media and the internet. "Times change, feelings remain the same".

We hope we put a smile on your face. Happy Holidays!




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