Interior Decorating Tips For Your Living Room

Room decorated with red

Given the current weather, it may seem like Spring is a long way ahead, but March 20 will be here before you know it! Interested in revamping the décor of your living room just in time for its arrival? Then you’ve come to the right place! After some online digging, we found so many interior decorating tips to make your NYC apartment elegant and stylish, that we couldn’t fit them in one post! Here is the first set.

Beige fabric curtains hung in a white-colored living room

Get Fabric Curtains

Why not add something to your standard blinds and spice up your windows? Some fabric curtains, like those beige ones above, will give an elegant touch to your living room. According to Young Huh of Young Huh Interior Design, “Fabric curtains immediately add luxurious structure and color to a room.” We couldn’t agree more. Make sure you’re using light colors that match the walls’ color, as this would give the illusion of a bigger and brighter room.

A dining room next to a living room

Add Splashes of Color

There’s beauty in simplicity. If you think the above look includes a lot of dollar signs, you couldn’t be more wrong: It’s all about buying the right items and sorting them creatively. Basic requirements include floral decorations, beige lamp, black couch with some pillows, and paintings or portraits on the walls. You can definitely go with other items and color schemes, but always get a second opinion.

Living room with teal couches and a blue carpet

Keep Scaling In Mind

Ever been to a tiny apartment that has large sofas topped with giant pillows? We feel your pain. That’s why scaling is everything. In fact, smaller or moderately-sized furnishings are what you need if you’re trying to make your apartment look larger. Choose a bright color (red, blue, purple, etc.) for your couch, and then align matching pillows across it. The reverse would apply if your couch has a basic, toned-down color (grey, beige, black, or white). So, please spread the word and end every decorator’s nightmare. Not to forget, pulling the furniture away from the wall will make your living room look more open and inviting.

Invest In a Rug

According to Owner and Principal designer of Amber Interiors, Amber Lewis, rugs are “artwork for the floor!” Just like the one in the previous picture, a colorful and patterned rug gives a room many dimensions and an element of sophistication, thus separating it from a one-dimensional one. Let the rug hunt begin!

purple curtains open to show a large living room  with a circular mirror at the end

Hang a Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall who’s the fairest apartment of them all? Why yours of course (with the right mirror)! We already established that a bigger room is a better room, so hang a big mirror opposite your window to see light reflected across the space. Don’t limit yourself to a certain shape either; a mirror can be trendy whether it’s circular, squared, rectangular, or even triangular!

Indoor green pot plant placed in front a window

Add a Plant

A little greenery always makes a room fresher and brighter, and that’s why plants shouldn’t be underestimated. If there’s little to no floor space, you can always try a hanging plant, or place one a shelf.

Large, black-and-white, wooden bookcase with a TV in the bottom corner and small figurines in the middle.

Get The Right Bookcase

Problem: You’re a bookworm having trouble finding space for a bookshelf. Solution: Purchase the bookcase that’s just the right size for you and your apartment! Place your lamps, picture frames, and books without overcrowding your space. So long bulky bookcases!

Which decorating tip will you go with for your apartment? We’re eager to read your answers in the comments!

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