How To Get Your Apartment To Smell Like Summer

When the warm weather begins to set in, it’s nice to refresh your apartment to reflect the change of season! While you can change up the decor you have to be lighter in tones and bring out different fabrics like linen, scent is also an easy way to do this! We have some easy and beautiful suggestion below- keep reading to find out more.

Summer Pot Simmer

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A pot simmer filled with scents of summer is a great idea because YOU can create the unique fragrance you love! Here are three suggestion from, but feel free to tweak it to your preference:

Simmer you pot for 30-45 minutes and add the ingredients based on your selection of scents:

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Lime, Mint, Cucumber, + Ginger

Try this perfectly citrusy combination! This one really livens up a room and makes it feel fresh throughout. The lime and mint make a great pair, just like a mojito, with the cucumber calming it down. Add an interesting note by dropping in a few slices of fresh ginger.

Grapefruit, Lavender, + Almond

I really love some the scent of grapefruit, though the taste is something that I’ve never been a huge fan of. That’s probably why I don’t mind slicing one up to simmer on the stove! Pair it with fresh lavender sprigs for a lovely calming scent and a dash of almond extract. Yum! If you don’t have access to lavender sprigs, try rosemary instead.

Lemon, Rosemary, + Vanilla

This one is actually a cheat because I used it in my last simmer pot post, but I just adore it! This is always my go to recipe for a lovely smelling home. It’s actually the recipe they use in Williams Sonoma, if you can believe it. Now you know how they keep their store smelling so yummy! A little dash of vanilla makes this pot so inviting and homey.

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Go Floral

Multicolor hyacinth flowers
Collection hyacinth flower head isolated on a white background. Spring time. Easter holidays. Garden decoration, landscaping. Floral floristic arrangement. Flat lay, top view

Flowers are a great way to naturally invite a beautiful summer fragrance into your home! These are some varieties that give off a wonderful perfume like scent! And, they add beautiful color to your home!

-Lavender (nice because you can dry it too!)

-Jasmine (easy to maintain)

-Mint (why not create a little herb garden!)

-Hyacinth (this is my favorite as its colorful bloom is stunning and I feel it gives off the most scent that can fill an entire living room!)

-Lily (a beautiful scent!)

-Peonies (beautiful pink pop to your home!)

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