Glenwood Barclay Tower First High Rise to Utilize Energy Saving Solutions from Demand Energy

Glenwood's Barclay Tower in Financial District uses energy saving system

Conserving energy is on everyone's minds these days as oil, gas and electric prices rise. Last week, Glenwood was thrilled to announce that Barclay Tower, our premier luxury rental building in the Financial District, is the world's first high rise to fully employ the game-changing smart technology of the Joule.System™ from Demand Energy. That's 58 stories of luxury residences, with all of the Glenwood signature amenities, now benefitting from the most energy-efficient system in Manhattan. Expect many other buildings to follow Glenwood's lead on this one. Here's how Demand Energy's Joule.System™ works… 

Energy Conserving Technology Benefits Glenwood Residents

More and more NYC buildings are looking into using the Joule.System™ for their energy needs.

New Demand Energy System Stores Energy During Off Peak, and Cheaper, Hours

More than a century ago, down on Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan, commercial electricity first arrived in New York City, and ever since then, energy has flowed one way: from the utility to the consumer with no way for the end user to manage the supply beyond the on/off switch. The battery-based Joule.System™ changes all that, allowing the user–in this case, Glenwood's Barclay Tower–to cleanly and safely store its own "energy inventory," and parcel it out as required by residents. The short term gain for Glenwood's Barclay residents–and everyone else in the city who is concerned about energy consumption–is a much more efficient, cost-effective way to use power on a day-to-day basis. The system allows Glenwood to essentially "download" all the power the building needs during less expensive, off-peak hours, store it on site, and then use it when needed by residents.  The systems alleviates the demand put on the city's electrical system by the Barclay Tower at times when city-wide demand is at it's highest.  It's a win-win!

Wind turbines will be providing Glenwood's Barclay Tower's energy needs.

Green Energy Possible for Future Through Joule.System

But the long-term gain is where the Joule.System™ gets really exciting, as it opens the door to big cities being able to tap into alternative, renewable sources of energy, such a solar and wind power, which are far better for the planet, but can be too inconsistent to rely upon when demands are so high. If a building such as Glenwood's Barclay Tower can charge up its Joule.System™ batteries with solar power during the day for example, then release it as needed by residents, well… you can see this can help solve one of the major challenges for widespread, heavy use of renewable energy.  

Implmenting this energy saving technology is one of many ways Glenwood is committed to reducing the environmental impact its building have and providing cleaner, greener living for its residents.

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