Electric Vehicle Charging Stations : Emerald Green in NYC gets THREE

Man hooks up his electric vewhicle to an electric vehicle charging station.

Even as more and more New Yorkers are driving around town in electric cars–a Prius here, a Coda there, a Volt every once in a while, and, soon, BMW new ActiveE–it still can be a bit of headache finding a convenient electric vehicle charging station. Unless, of course, you live in the lovely, luxurious Emerald Green. 


Electric car in the city in search of an ev charging station.

Starting next month, in July, the parking garage located at Glenwood's Emerald Green luxury rental apartment building will be making three EV charging stations available to all of its customers. Obviously residents of the LEED-certified Emerald Green–which already boasts many sustainable, environmentally-conscious services, practices and amenities–are loving this latest development, because what could be more handy than having an electric vehicle charging station right where you live? But Glenwood's Emerald Green parking lot is also open to non-residents, space permitting, and is conveniently located right in Midtown Manhattan. 


Emerald Green EV Charging Stations Details     

Parking at Emerald Green, with three electric vehicle charging stations starting in July, is located at 320 West 38th Street (enter on 38th or 37th Streets) between 8th and 9th Avenues. For more information, please see the Glenwood NYC Parking website or call 212 – 564 – 4987.  


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