Coffeed: Strong Brews & First-Rate Food Arrive In Chelsea

Coffeed: Strong Brews & First-Rate Food Arrive In Chelsea

There are a lot of reasons to be happy about the opening (finally!) of Coffeed, a welcoming coffee-and-sandwich/salad/cookie spot near Union Square on the eastern edge of Chelsea. For one, it's always a win when prime Manhattan storefront space gets occupied by a locally-owned business–Coffeed is based in Long Island City–instead of some huge national chain. Second: yay for good, strong coffee! Thirdly, the super-appealing food menu at the new Coffeed was created by Corey Cova, who used to run the kitchens up at the great Earl's Beer and Cheese and ABV. And finally (and this is a big one), Coffeed is extremely socially, community conscious, and donates between 3% and 10% of its GROSS revenues to local charities and non-profit organizations.     

Meatloaf sandwich from Coffeed in Chelsea

Coffeed Arrives In Chelsea

I stopped by Coffeed during their soft-opening last week, and was happy to see just about every table and counter spot filled with area workers, Parsons students, and locals popping in to check out the new space. The Coffeed menu is mostly sandwiches and salads, but they make everything to order, so there's no worry about getting one of those overly-refrigerated, forlorn-looking disappointments that are standard at many of these sorts of places (ahem, Maman on Centre Street). Anyway, there's definitely a college-town, almost stoner-food, sensibility to the menu–everything has, like, ten ingredients, usually including avocado and some sort of chips–which makes it all fun and tasty. I tore through two sandwiches on my inaugural visit (you only really need one to get full, but whatever), and will definitely be back to try some more, especially from that "Breakfast All Day" section of the Coffeed menu.

Mushroom sandwich from Coffeed in Chelsea

What To Eat At Coffeed

First was the Paradise sandwich, a delicious, pile-on-the-leftovers concoction involving meatloaf, pickles, melted cheddar, lots of miso mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce and potato chips, all in a jumbo English muffin. It was kind of a mess, but you expect nothing less from a monster like this. There's a heavy vegetarian presence on the Chelsea Coffeed menu, so I went that route for sandwich number two, the Mayan Mushroom–roasted portobello, black bean puree, avocado salad, jalapeno relish, tortilla chips–which was just as messy, and just as satisfying. For dessert I opted for the most complicated looking thing in the case, a kind cookie/brownie combo, and it was fine, nothing revelatory, but nice and sweet. The coffee, which they micro-roast at the Coffeed mothership in LIC, was heart-pumpingly strong without bitterness, perfect for a pre-movie surge of energy.           

Tasy cookies from Coffeed in Chelsea

For Menu and More Information on Coffeed

The Chelsea Coffeed is located on Sixth Avenue between 16th and 17th Street, next door to The NY Foundling–which aids and empowers local foster children and disadvantaged families–is the recipient of all of the branch's donations. For now the Chelsea Coffeed is open until 7:00 p.m., but check their website for more info as they move from soft-open mode into regular operations.  


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