5 Restaurants To Dine At On Christmas

A hand adding a fresh Grarnish to a fish plate at Cherche Midi Restaurant in NYC
Photo Credit: facebook.com/Cherche-Midi-Restaurant

After the excitement of Christmas morning is over, another feeling overwhelms many of us: exhaustion. Rather than spending time cooking and cleaning, why not take advantage of some of NYC’s finest restaurants which are open and serving meals on Christmas? Whether you’re looking for the traditional Feast of the 7 Fishes, or just a casual spot to grab a burger and shake, here’s five spots which will have you covered so your Christmas day stays merry, indeed!

Four nicely dressed carolers in front of a garnished fence in New York City - The Lambs Club
Photo Credit: thelambsclub.com

The Lambs Club for Brunch

Go For: Live Caroling and the Hot Chocolate Bar

Cost: $68 adults, $35 children under 12

If Christmas caroling ranks at the top of your favorite part of the entire holiday season, especially when said carolers are decked out in traditional caroling garb, then The Lambs Club is exactly where you need to be dining on Christmas Day. Besides the talented performers guaranteed to be decking the halls, you’ll also be thrilled to know that the restaurant will be serving a hot chocolate bar…how festive is that?! Menu highlights include house-cured smoked arctic char with crème fraîche and caper berries on a bagel, eggs en cocotte with San Marzano tomatoes, Spanish capers, pecorino and fennel, and a stuffed French toast with mascarpone, cranberry and pear compote and hazelnut.

Mile End Deli Hanukah Catering Meals
Photo Credit: mileenddeli.com

Mile End Delicatessen

Go For: The “Chinese Food on Christmas” Experience

Cost: $65

Whenever I ask my Jewish friends how they spend Christmas, 9 times out of 10 the response is along the lines of “we get Chinese food and see a movie.” Not gonna lie, this set up sounds pretty good to me! If you want to check out an elevated version of the Chinese food on Christmas experience, head to the Brooklyn and Noho locations of Mile End Delicatessen. The smoked meat shop is offering a “Chinese Christmas” with two rounds of food: the first round featuring items such as smoked meat bao, a beef and cabbage egg roll, and eggplant stuffed with shiitakes, and the second including smoked duck char siu, sesame noodles, and Chinese broccoli. Oh, and complimentary fortune cookies are included so you can start planning ahead for your 2017.

Two hands holding a Bill's Bar and Burger burger in front of a NYC taxi
Photo Credit: facebook.com/Billsbarandburger

Bill’s Bar and Burger

Go For: Super Casual Dining Right Next to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Cost: A La Carte, Menu Items Vary

A little secret for you: the Rockefeller Christmas Tree is probably the least crowded on Christmas day, hence it’s the perfect time to head over and take a few family photos, stop in for a visit across the street at St. Pat’s, and grab some delicious burgers and shakes while you’re at it! Located in Rockefeller Center, Bill’s Bar & Burger is a personal favorite of mine when I find myself looking for some place casual (but delicious) in Midtown to eat. They’ll be open from noon until 10pm on Christmas Day (reservations not required), and feature cult favorites like steakhouse burgers, butternut squash soap, disco fries, and New York Cheesecake.

Cherche Midi

Go For: The Festive Decor and Traditional Yule Log for Dessert

Cost: A La Carte, Menu Items Vary

If you’re aiming for a restaurant that is as decked out for the holiday as its food is festive, then look no further than Parisian-inspired Cherche Midi. The Bowery beauty will be serving holiday specials alongside its usual roster of French dishes this Christmas, and you can expect to see Christmas options like scallop crudo, duck consommé, roasted goose, and a traditional Yule log.

Oysters on the half shell at Grand Central Oyster Bar
Photo Credit: facebook.com/oysterbarny/

Grand Central Oyster Bar

Go For: The Feast of the Seven Fishes, With An Easy Commute Home

Cost: A La Carte, Menu Items Vary

Besides the pure joy of eating Christmas dinner at one of the most iconic restaurants in NYC (alive and thriving since 1913!), we are also totally down with the fact that the Grand Central Oyster Bar is located smack in the middle of Grand Central Terminal, hence making it super central with easy access to train lines no matter where you’re coming from. A definite plus on Christmas day! The oyster bar will be serving a traditional Italian dinner known as the Feast of the Seven Fishes. The menu will offer courses like pasta e fagiole with seared sea scallops, jumbo shrimp with basil pesto and burrata, Italian seafood salad, Sicilian-style grilled swordfish, and salt cod cake over spicy Amalfi tomato sauce with broccoli rabe. Or you could choose to skip the feast all together and go straight for the oysters, no judgement here.

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