Best Scents To Create A Cozy Apartment

Christmas potpourri, Hot scented beverage made from cranberry, cinnamon, clementines and spices.

During the fall and winter months, scents can help create a cozy atmosphere in your Glenwood apartment! Since 2020 has been a year where most of us have been spending an increasing amount of time at home, adding a scent you love can make your time indoors more enjoyable. While candles can be very dangerous, we have found some great diffusers for you! Keep reading to find a scent you love.

essential oil of pine and pine cones on a table with pine cones and pine needles

Essential Oil Blends

Adding essential oil drops to your humidifier or diffuser is a great, and safe, way to create a lovely aroma in your apartment! HelloGlow has great suggestions for creating perfect fall and winter scents.

Autumn Air:

4 drops sweet orange essential oil

3 drops lemon essential oil

3 drops fir essential oil

Cinnamon Spice

2 drops of orange essential oil

1 drop of cinnamon essential oil

1 drop of clove essential oil

5 drops of vanilla essential oil

Fall Wreath

3 drops of peppermint

3 drops of pine

1 drop of eucalyptus

1 drop of tea tree

2 drops of rosemary 

Fall Stove Top Scents

Fill a small pot on your stove 3/4 with water. Then add your favorite fall scents that you have in your home! Slice half a lemon, half an apple, drop in some cinnamon sticks, add a splash of vanilla, and a couple slices of an orange! Put your stove on simmer and your entire apartment will smell like fall. If you want a more cozy smell, create a winter scent! The only addition to the winter scent would be adding some pine tree branches! This is easy, and your kids can help fill the pot with the ingredients before you simmer it.

Cozy Diffuser Scents

Aroma oil diffuser and citrus fruit on table in room

A diffuser scent is an easy way to spread holiday smells throughout your entire apartment!

One of the greatest fall to winter diffuser scents that my whole family loves is Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir scent!

Some other great diffuser scent option is Spiced Orange and Clove by Nest and Blue Cypress and Snow Reed by Nest!

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