The Best Milkshakes in Midtown

Photo Credit: Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer Facebook

Take a twist on your traditional summer time ice cream treat with some of the most delicious and crafty milkshakes in New York City! Midtown Manhattan is home to some of the best milkshakes, so whether you’re heading home to your Midtown apartment, or just want to treat yourself after a long day of work, head to one of the below spots and enjoy!

For a Picture Perfect Milkshake: Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beers

While this spot may not have “milkshake” in its name, Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beers is probably most famously known for their milkshakes. If you haven’t made it to the Midtown location to try one yet, there’s no doubt you’ve seen photos of their stellar concoctions floating all over the social media.

Photo Credit: Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer Facebook

They have Classic Shakes (your typical strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate) that run $7, but the true gems here are the Crazy Shakes, which go for $15 a pop.

From the pretty pinks of Cotton Candy (featuring a strawberry shake base, with a vanilla frosted rim with blue, pink and pearl chocolates topped with a pink lollipop, rock candy, whipped cream, and cotton candy), to the chocolatey depths of the Brooklyn Blackout (with a chocolate shame base, chocolate frosted rim with mini chocolate chips, and topped with a chocolate brownie, chocolate drizzle and whipped cream), there’s certainly one of these over-the-top beauties to fit every taste palette!

A tip for those with kids (or who are kids at heart): The Bam Bam Shake has, among other kids’s treats, Fruity Pebbles, Pop Tarts, Nerds Rope and more topping the shake. It’s a kid’s breakfast and dessert rolled into one!

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Glenwood residents of Hawthorn Park, The Encore, Grand Tier and The Regent  are located closest to Black Tap’s Midtown location on West 55th Street. So get out there and let us know which one you tried!

Photo Credit: Island Burgers and Shakes Facebook

For a Classic Milkshake: Island Burgers and Shakes

Island Burgers and Shakes is home to the traditional milkshake you think of when you imagine a 1950’s diner or drive-in. These classics have staying power for a reason: they’re timeless, and of course they’re delicious.

For $6, you can scoop up a milkshake in the flavors of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or black and white, or you can choose the malted version for $6.50. If you really want to take it back to childhood, grab an ice cream float, priced also at $6.50. This spot is the place to keep those summer milkshake traditions of your youth alive and kicking.

If you happen to live in one of Glenwood’s West Side apartments, you’re in luck as well! Island Burgers and Shakes has an UWS location and one in Midtown! Not only are the buildings listed above a short cab ride (or enjoyable stroll) away, but residents of Emerald Green and Crystal Green can easily get in on the milkshake action as well.

Photo Credit: Shake Shack Facebook

For NYC’s Most Talked About Milkshake: Shake Shack

Just ask any sophisticated visitor to Manhattan: What is the famous milkshake associated with NYC? Whether they come from Europe, Asia, or Miami, I can promise you Shake Shack will come tumbling from their lips, complete with a smile!

While flavors vary depending on what location you visit and times of year, the Midtown spot is famous for their Jelly’s Last Donut Shake – which is Vanilla custard, Doughnut Plant donuts, strawberry preserves and cinnamon sugar, running a little over $5. And of course you can always get the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors wherever you visit!

Where do you get your summertime shake in Manhattan? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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