5 Apartment Workout Tips

Sneakers, water bottle, jump road, dumbbells, headphones all on a wood floor ready for a home exercise

As many of us are now working from home, home exercise in your apartment likely has become the norm! If you are used to going to the gym daily, this transition may be a little difficult. Or, if you are used to getting your daily steps in walking around your office, you may have to modify your routine for the next few weeks! It’s important to note that exercising actually boosts your immune system- definitely important during this unprecedented time we are in.

A woman running up her stairs

Use the Stairs

This may be the oldest trick in the book of fitness, but how often do you actually use this trick on a daily basis? And hey, avoiding the elevator buttons is definitely an appearing option at this time!

If you live on the 3rd floor of a walk-up, stairs are no stranger. But let’s say you live on the 10th floor of a high rise building… Ditch the elevator and use the stairs if you can.  If you live on the 1st floor, throw on some sneakers and do three quick sprints up and down your building’s staircase. Open the doors with your elbows and wash your hands when you are at home, but this is definitely a great option if you are experiencing some cabin fever!

Exercise mat, step up block, sneakers and a jump road

Jump a Jump Rope

This is a workout boxers swear by, and for good reason. Many of us haven’t picked up a jump rope since our elementary school days on the playground, but this childhood toy will be your best friend and worst enemy into getting yourself fit all through the cold months. Plus- you don’t need a huge amount of space to use it! The beauty of this workout (besides the health benefits, of course) is that the only investment you need to make is buying a jump rope from and a tiny bit of space in your apartment to jump up and down in. This one your kids can even join in on! Jumping rope can be noisy to your downstairs neighbors so practice on a carpet! Jumping rope is also a great easy exercise to do at the park when you take your socially distant stroll!

Do Free YouTube Workout Videos or Get An App

That’s right… You know you’ve seen some really energetic workout videos on YouTube you’ve promised yourself you’d try one day. The best thing about these videos? Pick your jam! Do you like to dance to Zumba? Build your core with Pilates? Stretch with yoga? Work up a good sweat with kickboxing?  All of these workouts can be found for absolutely free with a quick search on YouTube, and there’s SO many of them, you’ll never get bored with the same ol’, same ol’.

Many great apps are now available too with subscription services that offer all sorts of trainers, even celebrity trainers, available at your fingertips!

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Do a Deep, Deep Apartment Cleaning

Cleaning your apartment from top to bottom can work up a sweat in no time. Have you though about how you can knock out your daily workout while you clean?

Get into the kind of cleaning that WILL make you break out into a crazy sweat – moving furniture, scrubbing the floors, dusting every single surface, bleaching the bathrooms, Windex the windows. You get the idea, so get those arms working! Not only will you have a great workout, but your apartment will look spectacular.


A pair of purple dumbbell weights on a blue exercise mat

100 Reps of a Different Exercise Every Day

This was a trick we learned from a friend who is a personal trainer. From killer triceps to tones calves, the secret is to do 100 reps of a specific exercise to focus on that part of your body. Tone your arms with 100 tricep curls, or try 100 bicycle crunches or 100 seconds of holding a plank to strengthen your core. Super simple, but SO effective! The exercises are easy enough to look up online, and almost everything can be done from the comfort of your living room floor, with no special equipment needed. You can do 10 reps or 10!


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