New Year Resolutions For Apartment Living

January is the time for New Year’s resolutions””why not make some for your apartment too! We start the New Year with ideas of self-improvement and betterment. As we spend much of our time in our apartments, it is important to make positive changes at home as well! Read below to get some great ideas for resolutions that both you and your Glenwood apartment will be happy about!

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Your Seasonal Apartment Cleaning Guide

When it comes ot cleaning your New York City apartment or town home, many of us are guilty of putting it off until "tomorrow" - whenever that is. Freshen up your space with our cleaning guide!


Bye Bye Clutter!

Clutter is never a good thing! But, we all know how easy it is for clutter to build up in our apartments! As our days are so busy, often we stare at the clutter and don’t dare begin to tackle it! As the new year begins, a great apartment resolution is to finally get rid of all the excess.

Step 1: Identify the problem areas

A good first step is to identify where you have clutter. Is it on your shelves, in your kitchen, on your tables, or hidden within your closets? Well, once you identify where the clutter is the next step is to go through it! Organize all your things into three piles: keep, donate, and throw out. By using these designated piles, you don’t need to spend extra time figuring out what to do with all of your stuff!

Step 2:  Give that area a good cleaning

Next, make sure you give the area that housed the clutter a good, deep clean! Clutter loves dust, and I’m sure you will find it wherever you housed your extra things! Your vacuum, dust buster, or any sort of antibacterial wipes can do the trick!

Step 3: Organize

Once you determine what you want to keep, come up with an organizational system. This will help to ensure that you keep the clutter at bay! Woven baskets with labels are great for your children’s toys, living room items like books or throw blankets, and the kitchen, linen or toiletry closet. If your problem area is the pantry, try using clear containers with labels for your cereal, baking ingredients, or snacks! Once your clutter is gone, both you and your apartment with feel refreshed and ready to start 2019!



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Use Your Building’s Amenity Spaces

Many of our Glenwood buildings have great amenity spaces that residents can use all year long. If you have not been taking advantage of these great spaces, the New Year is a great time to start! If you work long hours and have been wanting to start a gym routine, using your building’s gym is a great idea to save time! No need to have a gym membership if you can work out at home! Making the commitment to go down to the gym twice a week is a great start! Some buildings even have pools like The Lucerne, The Stratford, Hawthorn Park, Emerald Green, The Encore, The Grand Tier, Barclay Tower, Liberty Plaza, and Briar Hill. Many Glenwood buildings also have playrooms. These playrooms are great for winter days when it’s too cold to go to the park, but your kids begin to get restless and need to run around. It’s a great way to spend time with your little ones! Checking out all that your building has to offer and using these spaces is a great idea for 2019!

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Cleaning Routine

For some, cleaning your apartment is therapeutic but for others it is a rather unappealing task. For those who need a little extra help in the motivation department, a New Year’s resolution to create an apartment cleaning schedule might just be the trick for you. Start by making a list of all the cleaning chores you need to tackle like vacuuming, dusting, swiffering the kitchen and bathroom, and cleaning the bedroom. Maybe you want to clean once a week and Sunday is your day? Make a list of everything you need to accomplish, which will allow you to check off the boxes as you go along. You will be able to see all of the progress that is being made, which may make cleaning a little more tolerable. Starting the year off with a new routine is a great way to hopefully stick with your cleaning schedule year round.

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