Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Kid-Safe

A stainless steel kitchen at Glenwood's Paramount Tower apartment building in Manhattan.
Photo Credit: Glenwood’s Paramount Tower

You may have heard that the heart of every home is the kitchen – from baking family recipes to catching up on the day’s events. If your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, we rounded up a few of our tried-and-true tips to keep your luxury kitchen kid-safe.

Let Your Kids Help Out

Perhaps the best way to keep your kitchen kid safe is to teach kids what to do in the kitchen! Obviously, this will range wildly depending on your child’s age, but even toddlers as young as two can be of assistance in the kitchen. The more comfortable they are in the kitchen from an early age, the safer they will ultimately behave in the environment.

  • For the small kids, an easy way to get them involved is cleaning counters (with a non-toxic natural spray and cloth, of course) or pouring pre-measured mixes into a bowl.
  • For older kids, you can easily enlist their help in setting the table, getting out ingredients, loading/unloading the dishwasher, and putting together dishes which don’t require any sharp knives for cutting!
A stainless steel sink with running water washing fruit.
Photo Credit: Glenwood’s Paramount Tower

Use Trash Cans with Lids

Ideally, it would be great to be able to store a trash can in a locked space, such as a pantry or under the sink, but living in NYC we don’t all have the luxury of that extra space. Instead, an easy way to keep harmful trash items out of the hands of littles is to invest in a sturdy trash can with a locked lid. That way, kids (or pets!) won’t be able to pry their hands in and scatter trash throughout the apartment… Or worse yet, put anything harmful into their mouths!

Childproof Cabinets and Drawers

Whether you have an infant who is just learning how to crawl or a curious five year old who likes to play explorer, childproofing both cabinets and drawers can be a lifesaver.

Now, it’s not essential to go crazy and put child locks on everything. But here a few places where it does make sense:

  • Under the sink (assuming you keep any potentially toxic cleaning supplies here)
  • Drawers where sharp knives and scissors are stored
  • Any easily reachable cabinets that contain breakable glassware

If you need a little help with the child proofing, there are services available in NYC, such as Baby Proofers Plus, which will come into your home and do it all for you. If you prefer a DIY method for child proofing, Manhattan’s BuyBuy Baby has all the supplies you could possibly need, and of course Amazon is a quick and easy option for delivery of all the gear.

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Storage Solutions for Apartment Kitchens

Do you find your kitchen cabinets and countertops seem to lose surface area? Here are 5 ways you can squeeze the most storage space out of your Glenwood apartment’s kitchen!

Have a Designated Kid-Friendly Snack Drawer

One of the main reasons older kids come into the kitchen is to poke around for a snack. An easy way to keep snacks (and kids!) contained to one safe spot is to have a designated snack drawer or shelf that contains items appropriate for them.

You can stock healthy munchies such as boxes of raisins, bags of nuts, granola bars, pre-sliced fruit and veggies, individual yogurt packs, or whatever else they’re currently interested in. By keeping them in a spot where your kids know they will be, this prevents them from rummaging around where they shouldn’t be, and could potentially get into something dangerous.

A white luxury kitchen with marble backsplash.
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Use Stove Burners Closest to the Wall

Perhaps the most important to implement: use your stove burners closest to the wall, and always point the handles inwards, not outwards. Unless you’re preparing for a giant dinner party, chances of having to use all four burners at once are pretty slim. If you are cooking with just one or two pots/pans, using the two burners closest to the walls prevents wandering hands from being able to touch or potentially pull anything down – both of which would be disastrous. Once you get into the habit, it’s an easy tip to implement, and doesn’t cost a cent! 

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