October’s Restaurant of the Month: American Cut

A freshly cooked steak and knife at American Cut in NYC.
Photo Credit: American Cut

Nestled along the cobblestone streets in Tribeca is American Cut, better known as the best steakhouse in NYC. From the moment you walk in and are greeted by the hostess, you’ll be swept away by the nostalgic glamor of the restaurant–dark walls, flickering candlelight, deep leather booths, and art deco inspired moody lighting. It’s a place to dine, but also a place to connect. Whether you’re hosting a special dinner among friends, grabbing an old fashioned cocktail with a coworker, or dining out with your sensational better half, American Cut fits the bill.

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To Start

In typical steakhouse fashion, portions here aren’t shy, so feel free to order a variety of appetizers for the table to share. Highlights are the Kampachi Tartare, finished with avocado, radish, and pine nuts ($18) as a cold starter, and a heaping plate of the OG 1924 Hotel Caesar Salad, topped with parmigiano reggiano, soft egg, and pullman croutons ($16)–hands down the tastiest Caesar salad I’ve ever had. For a hot dish, consider the Seared Foie Gras, complimented with bread, salt, and fruit ($23.)  

A freshly cooked cheeseburger and fries on a wooden table at American Cut in NYC.
Photo Credit: American Cut

The Main

It goes without saying that the main event at American Cut is, without pause, the steak. But so many options where this is concerned! You have the Wet Aged (hanger, NY Strip, filet mignon) and the Dry Aged (NY City Cut, Surf and Turf, Tomahawk)–ranging in price from $32 to $175. Again, consider sharing the larger cuts to avoid “eyes are bigger than my stomach syndrome!” For vegetarians (who are taking one for the team and eating at a steakhouse!), we suggest going with the cauliflower steak–it’s off the menu and made to order, but every bit as moist and savory as you would imagine! Outstanding sides include the Twice Baked Potato with truffle and cheddar, as well as the Sunchoked Spinach, completed with fontina and smoked salt ($12).

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Not that you’re going to have much room left in your belly, but that’s exactly why they made the dessert in smaller portions, so feel free to indulge! Standouts on the sweet front are the Crackerjack Sundae (hello, popcorn ice cream! it’s a sweet and savory dream!), as well as the Donuts, filled with bing cherry jam and topped with vanilla bean sugar…with a bit of white chocolate ice cream on the side for good measure ($12).

A bartender at American Cut handcrafting a green cocktail over ice in New York City.
Photo Credit: American Cut

Good To Know

If you’re planning ahead for your company’s holiday party, putting together an intimate rehearsal dinner, throwing a bridal or baby shower, or surprising someone with a delicious birthday party, American Cut is your spot. They offer two private event spaces ideal for dining and social get togethers, and the dedicated private events team offers one-on-one planning all through the process. You’re promised to have an easy and perfectly executed event that will leave all positive impressions with your guests.

American Cut is close to all the downtown Glenwood luxury buildings, especially Tribeca Bridge Tower. If you’re a resident here (or thinking of becoming one), it’s nice to know you have the best steak in NYC right at your fingertips.

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